Global Switch (Body Swap) Preview

Follow the adventures of four people as they explore their new bodies after the Global Shift. Available on Smashwords, Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold. These are some of my favorite kinds of stories and I think you all will love them!

The Global Switch affected 3 out of every 4 people in the world, causing them to swap bodies with those nearby. This collection includes four vignettes following different people around the world as they adjust to their new bodies:

a college guy who swaps bodies with his best friend’s bimbo girlfriend
a wimpy middle aged white guy who swaps bodies with his muscular, ebony downstairs neighbor
a teenage boy who swaps with his friend’s gorgeous mom
and a down on his luck grifter who swaps with one of the most recognizable female pop stars in the world.

They all face their new lives in different ways, but in the end, they all learn to love the change and enjoy the pleasure of their new forms.

There was some discussion about who would sleep with who—Matt grew bored, having a hard time following all the twists and turns of the discussion—and in the end it was decided that the bodies would sleep next to their original owners. With that, they all went off to bed. Matt brushed his teeth with Lauren’s toothbrush, staring at himself in the mirror, trying to take in his new appearance. He looked like a little Barbie doll, with pretty, vacant blue eyes and kissable lips. The thought that he might be stuck as Lauren forever made him frown, or try to at least. The frown came out as a cute pout on Lauren’s face, her little nose scrunched up adorably. Gawd, he couldn’t even do anger right.

It was a long time before Matt managed to slip off to sleep, twisting and turning to get comfortable in his body, only just now understanding how difficult it was to sleep with large breasts.

Matt was awoken sometime in the middle of the night by a light poke on his chest and a soft, feminine whisper in his ear. “Matt. Matt, get up, man.”

Matt opened his eyes groggily. In the dim moonlight he could just see Annie’s adorable face. She was wearing the long t-shirt and light cotton shorts that she usually slept in. Matt got out of bed slowly so as not to wake Lauren and the two transformed guys crept out of the room and down the hallway.

Matt rubbed his eyes. “What’s going on?”

Scott turned to him, Annie’s eyes bright with excitement. “Look at us. We’ve got our girlfriend’s bodies. This might not last long. We should take advantage of it.”

“What do you mean?”

Scott stepped closer and wrapped Annie’s arms around Matt’s tiny waist. “What do you think I mean, dummy?”

“Don’t call me dummy!” Matt pouted in his little girl voice. It was true he felt a lot slower than he used to, but name calling was a not nice thing to do.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it,” Scott said, kissing Matt on his tiny nose.

Matt could feel Annie’s hands on his back, caressing him softly through his nightie. Matt’s breasts pressed against Annie’s and suddenly her lips were on his. It was like kissing his girlfriend but not. Scott was rougher, more insistent with Annie’s tongue, slipping into Matt’s mouth as soon as Matt parted his lips. Annie’s taste was comfortingly familiar, and he could smell her delicious citrusy scent as his nose pressed into her cheek. He gripped Annie’s body gently as they kissed with hands that were more delicate and sensitive. Their tongues explored each other, slipping around and inside the other’s mouths as Matt’s body hummed with a distant energy.

Then Scott was pulling at Matt’s nightie, lifting it up. Matt raised his arms and Scott lifted the nightie off over his head and dropped it to the floor. Matt brushed the soft, blonde hair out of his face and looked up at Scott. His eyes were locked on Matt’s tits and he brought Annie’s hand up to explore him, lifting his heavy boobs and circling her fingers around his soft skin.

“You got lucky,” he whispered, lifting a breast to her mouth and sucking on Matt’s nipple.

Her breath was hot on Matt’s skin and her tongue gently tasted him, swirling across his sensitive areola until his nipple spiked out in her mouth. “Ohh,” Matt sighed softly, using his hand to massage his other tit gently. It was undeniably hot watching his girlfriend suck on his breasts, her eyes closed in enjoyment of his body. Matt’s breast was impressive, spilling out of his hand as he squeezed the bulk of it against him, enjoying the rough touch of his fingers as he pinched and prodded his delightful body. He looked down at himself, seeing Lauren’s naked body for the first time. She was so perfect with her huge sensitive breasts, her slender waist, and her incredible legs. The hum inside him grew and he felt himself becoming wet just admiring the body he was now in.

Matt lifted off Scott’s shirt and was confronted with Annie’s smaller, perkier breasts. She had a more boyish figure, but was so cute. Scott held Matt’s tits in each hand, the little nipples hard as diamonds, and pressed Matt’s nipples against his own, sliding them softly across Annie’s tits. Both guys stared down at their chest, enjoying the touch and feel of their new breasts. Matt watched with wide eyes as Annie’s nipples grew erect. Matt slipped his hands down his body, exploring the soft curves, the little waist, and gliding over his wonderfully tight ass.

Scott smiled at him with pure delight on Annie’s face. “Fuck, you’re making me so wet.”

Matt giggled and Scott guided him down onto his back on the couch. Scott stripped off his shorts and lay on top of him, pressing his entire naked body against Matt, their tits squashed together, Annie’s warm weight comforting on Matt’s soft body. They kissed some more, hands exploring, little moans escaping Matt’s lips. The hum was filling him now, spreading out from between his thighs through his arms and legs, bringing with it an urgent heat.

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