Not missing a thing

"Oh, fuck, I've missed that tight little pussy so much," Maya moaned, as her body began rising to the fifth orgasm of the morning.
She clutched one tit as she spread her legs and slid her fingers in through her wet canal. She enjoyed watching her fingers disappear inside her almost as much as she enjoyed the physical sensation of being filled.
Maya had no idea she was being controlled, that several of her ex-boyfriends were taking turns possessing her and masturbating in her body.
She thought she wanted to spend the day naked in bed. She thought it was her own idea to finger herself over and over, to call herself names, to compliment her pussy and her tits and her ass. But the fumbling fingers were being controlled by ex-lovers, using her own hands to caress her body and wring every ounce of pleasure out of her.
"Oh fuck!" She cried, sliding her fingers deep into herself and enjoying the massive orgasm.
When she came down she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and held them to her nose, inhaling her musky scent. She was usually repulsed by the smell of her pussy but today it was so wonderful that she opened her lips and sucked on her fingers, tasting herself.
While she was at it, she thought it would be a good idea to take some naked pictures of herself and text them to one of her exes. Just to tease him. Show him what he was missing. Though really, he wasn't missing a thing.

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    1. Take Her for a Spin and Change of Plans both revolve around characters who don’t know they’re being controlled.

  1. Request: A man swaps back into his old body years after the great shift, to find it has now been feminised by the previous occupant.

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