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Request: You’re it worked sort of cap inspired a request idea. When I was right out of college, I dated this guy and I’ve always kind of felt he was the one that got away. That caption made me think what it would be like if I wanted to go back and change how things went between us so we would stay together, but when I went back I accidentally ended up in him and was dating my younger self. I’d like to think I’d make the best of the situation and since I know all of the ways to really connect with myself physically, emotionally, etc we’d have a really great relationship and I’d be able to seduce myself to try all sorts of things as a man.

Kimberly had always felt that her first boyfriend out of college, Chris, was the one that got away. She always wondered what would have happened if they'd stayed together, and often thought of all the things she should have done differently. So when she found a genie that granted one wish, she wished that she could go back to when she was younger and she and Chris were together.
There was a puff of smoke and suddenly Kimberly was back in her old apartment on a beautiful sunny day. Only she found herself looking at...herself. It was her own body, anyway, younger and dressed only in that cute panty and bra combo she used to love.
She looked down at her new body and was greeted with the broad chest and solid arms of Chris. The genie had, indeed, granted her wish, only he'd put her inside Chris's body.
"You sure you want to go out?" Kimberly's former body asked.
She remembered this day. It was as their relationship was heading to an end and Chris had opted to go hang out with his friends. It had been a crossroads that set them on the path to breakup. But, as long as Kimberly was back here she decided to make the most of it. Plus, she felt a surge of excitement pulse through her as she stared at her former body, so young, so beautiful.
She kissed her former self on the neck and the two came together, Kimberly's solid hand slipping between her former legs, feeling herself from her new perspective. Her new cock jumped to attention, trapped painfully within her pants.
She yanked her jeans down and then the two were kissing and groping each other passionately, their need exploding. Kimberly's former body turned and lifted her leg onto the counter, allowing Kimberly to slip her new cock into her warm, wet opening.
Fuck, it was divine to slide inside her former body, the feelings so intense, concentrated at the base of her cock and making her shiver with pure delight. God, she just wanted to live inside that warmth, stay lodged inside her former self. They made love long and slow, Kimberly luxuriating in her new body's feeling.
Kimberly knew just how to treat her younger self and stayed within Chris's body, fixing his past mistakes and falling in love all over again, eventually marrying herself and sending their lives in a totally new direction.

Five previously published erotic short stories by best-selling body swap author M Wills, available on Smashwords or Amazon.


    1. I would love to have Kimberly’s tiny sexy body and offer it to this guy. Feeling his dick with small feminine hands 😍

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