Huge and unwieldy

You lounge in the pool, your teacher's bare breasts floating beneath your nose. These tits are huge and unwieldy and jiggly, but oh so fun to play with. Like many days since the FOSE put you in her body, you've spent most of today with your hands on your breasts or between your legs, exploring your sex, listening to the moans of your teacher's voice as you orgasm, feeling her pleasure make your body jump and quiver. You've been even hornier than usual lately.
Ever since the FOSE swapped you into her curvaceous body you've been the most popular person in school. All the guys -- former and present -- love hanging out at your pool, and they fall all over themselves to serve you, knowing how you'll reward them.
You're treating your incredible new body as temporary, letting people grab your tits and fuck you as if you're not worried about consequences. It feels so nice bouncing on a cock, or with your face shoved into someone else's pussy. You've lost count of the amount of guys you've allowed to cum inside you, and to wrap your tits around their cocks and let them shoot hot cum all over your chest.
You're amazed that your breasts seemed to have grown even in the few months you've been in her body, the way your hips and waist have filled out even more. By the time you've recognized that the FOSE is forever you're already showing a little of your baby bump.
You've no idea who the father is, only that you are definitely the mother, and there's nothing for it but to give birth to your new child in a few more months.
Maybe it's those pregnancy hormones that are you making you so horny, making you let go of your tits and approach one of the young studs sharing the pool with you, offering yourself up for a chance to fill yourself on their dick.
Luna Amor

Five previously published erotic short stories by best-selling body swap author M Wills, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

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