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Request: I would like to see a story where a guy trying to get rich quick scheme ends up with him signing contracts recklessly and he gets turned into a huge breasted BBW forced to have his huge breasts be bought and sold like personal property to customers for them to do what they want with them.

A young man finds an app that allows him to place a copy of his mind in someone else’s body, and he uses it to take over the body of his crush and explore her body, though it also just might save his career as a pro gamer. In the Game, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. oh my god what has just happened to me i’ve i’ve just finally change transformed turned into a girl wow just look at these new breast on my chst it’s just kind of what i had thought it just might be but still having themm now is some kind of major revelation yes yes yes i have really always wanted breast but it is still kind of strange having them and oh my god my penis is gone i have a vagina ussy down here between my legs it really feels very differnt not having a penis hanging down their but still having a vagina is well really wonderful mine is now all wet and i’m i’m ten times more honny now than i ever was as a boy oh my god i love this sensation! i’m i’m a girl now!

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