In the Game (Part 1) – M2F Possession

A young man finds an app that allows him to place a copy of his mind in someone else’s body, and he uses it to take over the body of his crush and explore her body, though it also just might save his career as a pro gamer. In the Game, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

Ethan is suddenly viewing the world from his own eyes, having switched position across the table in a dizzying moment of vertigo. He’s looking down at his phone where Tessa’s name has disappeared from the ‘Filled’ window. Flicking back to the other window he sees her name is still there under ‘Available’. He would have thought it was all a dream except that he has two sets of memories. One of sitting here at the table, flipping through his phone waiting for Tessa to return, the other of staring at Tessa’s face in the bathroom mirror. Of being her and feeling her exquisite body. Both sets of memories are so real.

Ethan looks up at Tessa. “Are you still…me?”

She laughs, her eyes crinkling in merriment. “No. I got you. I was just playing a joke. Wouldn’t that be weird, though?”

“A joke?”

“Yeah. I started in the bathroom. I was looking at myself in the mirror pretending to see myself for the first time—it’s like this ‘being present’ exercise we did in my yoga class—and thought it would be fun to pretend to be you.”

The memories of being Tessa are so vivid. Either they’re not true, or Tessa’s mind has rationalized what Ethan was doing in her body. Ethan knows that the latter option must be true, because he can recall every second of being her. And he wants to be back. Wants to enjoy her slowly now that he knows what’s going on. He selects her name again. His body tingles.

He’s back in Tessa’s body, sitting across from his old self, who’s now grinning. “Are you in?”

Ethan nods and smiles back. “Yeah. You want to get out of here?”

His body smiles and they stand. Ethan takes his former hand, Tessa’s slim fingers clasping his thick male ones, and leads himself back around into the parking lot, clicking Tessa’s key fob to find her car as it lights up. Ethan-in-Tessa gets into the driver’s seat, his old self into the passenger seat and they shut the door. Silence descends as they’re alone together for the first time.

“This is crazy,” Ethan says to his male self.

“Yeah, but crazy cool.”

They stare at each other for a beat, the one mind in different bodies. He knows what he wants. What he’s always wanted. Ethan leans forward and kisses his male self, feels the heat of his former lips pressing back. He opens wide Tessa’s mouth and accepts his own tongue inside, lets it dance around the contours of Tessa’s mouth and slide across her teeth as he tastes himself, hot and heady. Tessa’s body is already eager just from his mind being inside her, feeling her as she moves, wanting to explore her. A heat begins between his legs, expanding steadily through him as they make out, mouths hungry for each other, tongues tasting, hands caressing each other’s cheeks.

Ethan pulls back and reaches up to slide the strap of his sundress down his shoulder. First the right, then the left. His own eyes stare back at him in lust as he shimmies the dress down, revealing the tan bra clasping his slight breasts. He reaches around and undoes the straps of the bra, shrugging it off and tossing it into the back seat. Then they both look down at Tessa’s breasts.

They look so big from Ethan’s new perspective, though he knows she’s a petite girl. The two little curves stick out from his chest and he brings up his hands to caress them. Her tits—no, his tits—are soft and firm. Perky even. The little teardrop shaped curves dotted with the sharp points of his strawberry pink nipples. He plays with himself slowly, caressing Tessa’s tits, feeling himself touch and be touched. His breasts look more delicate than they are, and his touch is too light at first. He quickly finds that Tessa’s breasts can take some more squeezing and he does so, wrapping his fingers around her soft-firmness, playing with his tits as his nipples swell out into tight peaks. His breath quickens and he glances up at his old self, who’s staring at him in undisguised awe.

“Can I…?” His male body asks.

Ethan nods and drops his hands, sticking out his chest. His former masculine hands reach out and squeezes, exploring Tessa’s wonderful curves. Ethan puts his new hands on his old and guides them around beneath his breasts, showing him how Tessa likes to be touched, following the desire sparking through Tessa. His former body is eager to touch Tessa’s tits, and his urgent fondling soon makes breathy moans fall from Tessa’s lips. There’s an erection growing in his former lap, the jeans visibly tightening. Ethan does what he’s always wanted Tessa to do and reaches forward, unbuttoning his old pants.

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