Mrs Miller

Lauren’s mother, Mrs. Miller burst in on her and Eric just as they had started fooling around. In a rage, Mrs. Miller said some magic words and suddenly Eric found himself in her body. He looked down at his forty year old body and grabbed his sagging tits in shock. Meanwhile, Mrs. Miller, in Eric’s body laughed.

“Wow, this feels really good,” she said, as she pulled her underwear off and started stroking her new cock. “I’ll make you a deal, Eric, if you can get me to come in your mouth in two minutes I’ll give you your body back, otherwise you’re stuck as me.”

Eric looked at Lauren in shock.

“Clock’s ticking, Eric.”

Eric’s new tits bounced heavily as he quickly knelt down in front of his body and stared at his former cock. He opened his mouth and took it in, running Mrs. Miller’s tongue up and down the shaft of his own cock.

“That’s right, Eric, bob and down on your own cock,” said Mrs. Miller.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Lauren cried.

“I’d worry less about what I’m doing and help out your boyfriend with his technique if you want him back.” Mrs. Miller snarled.

Eric bobbed his head up and down faster, trying to ignore the unfamiliar feeling of his hair falling across his face, the sight of his long-nailed hands, the tight skirt covering the emptiness where his dick used to be, and the taste of his own cock.

“Play with the balls, Eric,” Lauren reminded him.

Eric began teasing his balls with one hand, watching his face for any sign.

Mrs. Miller closed her eyes in pleasure. “Oh yes, just like that, just like that—oh!”

Suddenly, the cock in Eric’s mouth spasmed, jetting hot cum down his throat. He started to cough.

“Swallow it all!” Mrs. Miller commanded, and forced his head back onto her cock.

Eric had no choice but to keep his mouth wrapped around his former dick, licking up every last bit, until finally Mrs. Miller pushed him away. “That’s enough.” She began to dress as Eric watched her, still licking the salty taste of his own cum out of his mouth.

“Aren’t you going to change me back?” Eric whimpered.

Mrs. Miller stared at her old body, “It feels so good to be young again. Maybe if you’re good and do everything I say, I’ll switch us back next week. Maybe. Now get your fat ass downstairs and make dinner, Lauren and I need to have a talk.”


  1. For the
    Surprise! story.
    She could get a 👕🩲 👖🧦👟👟 from her boyfriend. Find a ☎️ that is from year 2000 to year 1985 ,or a 📱 that is from the year 2014 to 1994. Call 🚒,or 🚓 . Tell them that she 🔒 her 🧦👙👖👗🩳👙👚👠👠👡👡👢👢👒,and her 🪪 👛👜💵💰💳💄🔑🗝 in her🚗,or🛻.
    After they get into her car for her. She should go back home.

  2. So what happens after the talk, or maybe they do a little more then just talk. So does Eric then find himself stuck as his girlfriend’s mom?

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