can you write one about someone named austin who becomes his gf and sucks off of a friend without the friend knowing its him[?]


When Austin showed up in his girlfriend, Lexi’s, bedroom with two magic bracelets and explained that they let two people swap bodies she immediately suggested they use them on each other. As soon as they put them on the room spun wildly. Austin grimaced and grabbed his forehead. The dizziness stopped abruptly and he opened his eyes to see himself, his old body actually, staring back at him in wonder.

“It actually worked,” he said in Lexi’s voice as he looked down at his skinny, neatly manicured hands and felt the tickle of her ponytail down his back. He ran his pretty hands across his breasts, cupped them and jiggled them playfully a few times. He let out a cute chuckle, familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time and looked up to see Lexi examining her new body. She unzipped her pants and started playing with her cock.

“Wow, you get hard quick,” she rumbled in Austin’s voice, stroking her erect dick.

“Here, let me help you with that,” Austin said, and placed his dainty hands on his former cock, stroking up and down. He knew how to make his body feel good, he’d had enough practice.

“Oh my god, that feels so good,” Lexi moaned. “Oh, don’t stop, don’t-” Lexi stopped as several spurts of cum shot out. “Sorry,” she said, “I didn’t know that was going to happen so soon.”

“It’s ok,” Austin replied, though he was disappointed. Lexi’s body was starting to  get wet watching him rub his cock, but now what?

‘We can try again later,” Lexi said, “I just need a nap all of a sudden. Now I get it.”

They lay down on the bed and Austin continued exploring his gloriously feminine body, running his hands lightly up and down his soft legs, over the unfamiliar stomach and across Lexi’s wonderful tits. Lexi was soon asleep, but Austin was soon horny, caressing his new body and remembering the feel of the cock in his hand had turned him on.

He quietly dressed Lexi’s body in a cute outfit, the one with the low cut top that gave a nice few of Lexi’s lovely tits, and slipped out the door. He made his way over to Nick’s house. Nick was a friend who was always bragging about how big his dick was. Austin was sure it was half bullshit, but that still left the other half. He also almost certainly had a crush on Lexi -but who wouldn’t?- Austin asked himself as paused on Nick’s doorstep to admire Lexi’s long, sexy legs and adjust his flawless tits.

He knocked and a few minutes later Nick opened the door.

“Hey, Lexi,” he said curiously, “What’s happening?”

“Oh, nothing,” Austin said, coyly, “Mind if I come in?”

“Sure.” Nick grinned and opened the door. Austin felt Nick’s eyes on his tight little ass as he walked past and made sure to give it an extra swing. Nick followed him into the living room and Austin turned quickly, just in time to see Nick’s eyes swing up, embarrassed at being caught.

“It’s ok,” Austin said, “I don’t mind.”

“Oh, but, uh-” Nick stammered.

Austin sexily sauntered Lexi’s body towards Nick and ran a hand down his chest. “It’s ok,” he whispered in Lexi’s sultriest voice, “Austin and I are on a break. And I need a real man.” Austin pulled off his top and let Nick stare at his tits. The attention from his friend was turning him on, and his pussy grew moist.

Austin knelt his lovely body down in front of Nick and unzipped his friend’s pants. Austin pulled out his friends cock -wow, he wasn’t lying about the size- and began to stroke it. His friend didn’t resist, much the opposite. He stared down at Austin’s sexy body and groaned happily.

Austin ran his tongue up the shaft of his friends cock, then took the whole dick between his soft lips into his mouth. He stroked with one hand, savoring the delicious taste of his friend’s cock and the feel as it hardened in his mouth. His tits swung beneath him as he bobbed his head faster. He felt Nick’s hand grab his ponytail and force his mouth down onto the cock. The feel of this powerful man standing over him, emanating a yearning Austin had never experienced made his pussy wetter. He stroked faster and faster. Nick moaned louder, slamming his cock into Austin’s mouth and Austin found that in Lexi’s body he could take the whole enormous thing. Austin felt his body aching, yearning for the salty taste of his friend’s cum. He moved his head up and down the shaft -faster and faster- until with a loud grunt and a few sudden thrusts, his friend filled Austin’s mouth with hot cum. Austin moaned in ecstasy and swallowed every drop. He milked his friend’s dick, getting the last spurts of delicious cum, coaxing every bit out and licking the shaft.

When it was over, Austin looked up at his friend and smiled. A dribble of cum dropped from his lips onto his glorious tits. His friend looked down at him and smiled a satisfied, yearning, eager smile.

“Thank you,” Austin said.

“Any time,” his friend replied.


  1. Do one were a 12 year old boy named Tristan gets Jody swapped with hi super hot aunt named Tiffany and she’s giving a major blow job to his uncle and he is super horny

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