Might as well

Dan froze, his hands still squeezing his sister’s tits, the fingers of his other hand still sliding in between her slick pussy lips. A beautiful ache filled his body and he didn’t want to stop but his sister had burst in on him.
“You little pervert!” She cried, from within his old body. “What are you doing to my body?”
“Get out!” Squeaked Dan. “This isn’t your room anymore.”
“I’m telling dad!”
Dan’s sister stormed off. Their dad – in their mom’s body – was still trying to fix the machine that had caused the family to swap bodies. God, Dan’s mom would probably come up here to yell at him. He was just curious about his new equipment.
Well, he figured, if his mom was going to stop him he better enjoy himself while he could.
He resumed stroking his pussy and squeezing his tits, staring down at himself, trying to memorize the look and feel of his body as the tension built within him. He drew tight circles around his clit and felt his legs tense, followed by an orgasmic release that made him moan loud and low. He stroked his wet pussy as long as he could, enjoying every second of the pleasure.
When the first orgasm finished he resumed his explorations, trying to fit in as many orgasms as he could before his mom came up to stop him. He was cresting for the third time when his sister and mom swept in the door, just in time to watch his eyes shut and his face screw up for the final orgasm.

Chapter 4 of a serial in which an angry young man is swapped into his mom’s body and forced to obey her. In this chapter, Eric is forced to go into his mom’s work with her last command still making him hunger for men.

Make Me is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.

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  1. A 2 part/image caption. Part 1 : A girl and her best friend find a possession spell, the girl uses it with her friend’s permission since she is a virgin and she is afraid of the first time (he is aware of everything in his own body but he is only a spectator) and wants to have sex with her body “in a coma” Part 2: They forget the condom and the boy’s soul is trapped in the friend’s body forever

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