Is that what I look like?

Is that what I look like from behind? Jenny asked herself.
Jenny stood in the doorway – in her son’s body – as she supervised him taking a shower. She hadn’t wanted him to do anything lascivious while they were swapped.
“The spell will wear off in another day and then we’ll both be back to normal,” she’d told her teenage son. “So no funny business.”
Until then, she watched him like a hawk.
He toweled himself off and turned, reaching up for the peach robe on the rack. Jenny’s eyes slid down to her former ass. It was plump and ripe, and looked a lot better from a teenage guy’s perspective. She stared at the round curves and the perfect crack, watching as the cheeks jiggled when he moved.
Her son’s cock began growing hard beneath her pants. God, being a teenage guy was exhausting. She was horny all the time. Now that the feelings began to stir in her she couldn’t look away from the mature naked body in front of her. Her son slipped into the robe, seemingly oblivious to the leer of his mom from his former body.
Jenny had an urge to reach out and give that plump ass a slap. As her desire grew, she began wondering what it would like to slide her manhood in between those two meaty cheeks. It made her even more aroused just thinking about it.
“You know,” she said, rubbing her crotch. “The spell will wear off in another day and then we’ll be back to normal. Why don’t we try some things?”

Chapter 4 of a serial in which an angry young man is swapped into his mom’s body and forced to obey her. In this chapter, Eric is forced to go into his mom’s work with her last command still making him hunger for men.

Make Me is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.


  1. Great caption! , if your up for it I would love to see one where A college student is in fear bc his gf signed up for swap class and the matches she’ll be with are perverts. he promises to pay his best friend to sign up for swap class ( to swap with his gf and avoid her body being taken over by perverts. However, ironically his worst nightmare comes true. After coming up short on the money promised. The friend decideds he can get money through other more sultry/exhibitionist ways. Thanks!

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