Losing his virginity to himself

Adam's mom's nighttime routine had changed in the past two months. She'd taken to going out after dinner, returning home about an hour later and denying she'd ever been anywhere at all. So Adam followed her one night, hurrying down the sidewalk after her as she made her way through the neighborhood. Adam was astonished when she went through the side door of Chris's house.
Chris was an unpopular kid at Adam's school. Though even the term 'unpopular' would have been a compliment. Fat, ugly, and with a disgusting personality, Chris had no friends.
His curiosity getting the better of him, Adam followed his mom through the unlocked door and quietly up the stairs. She went in to the bedroom at the end of the hall and Adam crept up to peer through the crack in the door.
There was his mom, dropping her clothes to the floor and grabbing her heavy breasts, fondling herself as she cooed. On the bed in front of her lay Chris, seemingly unconscious.  Adam's mom seemed enamored with her tits, squeezing them and rotating her chest to make them bounce.
Adam was astonished to watch his mom bend over and sloppily suck Chris's dick, stroking it, kissing it, wrapping her tits around it until it stood erect. Chris remained apparently asleep the whole time, even when Adam's mom straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock before riding him, moaning about how amazing he felt inside her as she played with her tits, finally cumming in a growling, moaning orgasm.
The computer screen behind Chris was on, and Adam could see it open to the bodypossession.com website. In a flash, Adam understood that Chris had been using Adam's mom to lose his virginity to himself, stealing her body to ride his cock every night for the past few months.
It certainly explained the the recent pregnancy.

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