Loser Wins

Dave thought for sure he was going to win, right up until the buzzer when he missed his last second shot. But he’d made a deal, so that night he jumped into the body of Crystal, the head cheerleader and dressed her up like a slut. He made his way to Jeff’s house and stopped on the porch. He adjusted his mini-skirt, admiring his sexy legs, the tight muscle running just underneath. He flipped his blonde hair back and adjusted his bra, making sure Crystal’s breasts were firmly secure, though they wouldn’t be for long. Then he took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

Jeff opened the door with a huge smile. “Hey Crystal, or should I say Dave? Come on in.”

Dave demurely stepped into the house, the rest of the team was already there. He sighed, but a deal was a deal and Dave, in sweet, little Crystal’s body, was about to get filled by the entire team. “Hello, guys,” he said in Crystal’s slightly southern twang as he stepped out of his skirt and kicked it away, revealing nothing but a little blonde strip leading to her pussy. He hadn’t bothered to wear panties.

Surprisingly, the way all the guys were staring was starting to make his body horny. Who knew that Crystal, who seemed so stuck up, just needed a good fuck? And tonight she was going to get a bunch of them. Dave smiled and invitingly rubbed Crystal’s smooth, manicured hand up and down his slowly warming pussy. “Who wants in here first?”

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