Machines gone wrong

The body switching machine Tom had been working on was still malfunctioning and throwing him into random nearby bodies. Just a few minutes ago he’d woken up in what must have been the body of Debbie, his sexy next door neighbour. He knew this because sleeping right next to him was her husband, Phil. Phil was cute with a nice smile and beautiful— No, Tom stopped that train of thought. Often the switch left residual thoughts from the target body, confusingly intertwined with his own.

Tom quietly got out of bed in his new body and scrounged around for some clothes. It wasn’t easy because he kept getting distracted by the hair falling into his face and the weight of his boobs but eventually he found some clothes and snuck out into the hallway to dress.

He immediately realized he’d forgotten underwear but rather than go back he just slipped on the pants over his smooth legs and his, he had to admit, delicious looking ass. Tom had always admired Debbie’s ass and now he paused with his pants halfway on to enjoy it up close.

Just then he heard footsteps from the bedroom and froze. He needed to get back to his house and fix the machine before his body woke up. How was he going to distract Phil?

The door opened and Phil stepped out wearing only his erection and a sleepy smile.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he said, “Where are you going?”

Tom stared at Phil’s erection as Debbie’s residual thoughts swirled through his mind, impossible to stop. He remembered himself, as Debbie, caressing Phil’s cock and taking it all into his mouth. Images from Debbie’s perspective of the morning sex she enjoyed sprang up: riding her husband’s cock while her breasts bounced and swayed, the pleasurable pain of getting her ass smacked, Phil’s fingers dancing across her clit as he filled her with himself. Tom’s new body was heating up in anticipation.

He sauntered towards Phil, showing off his body: the sway of the hips, the slight bounce of the breasts, the curve of the cute ass. With a flirtatious smile Tom wrapped his dainty hand around Phil’s cock.

“I’m going back to bed,” he said in Debbie’s husky voice, “With you.”

His old body would be asleep for at least another two hours, why not have some fun?



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