Long distance relationship

The moment I walked through  the door I knew my girlfriend had possessed my mom once again. Mom was lying on the couch wearing only a bra and panties, her huge tits nearly spilling out of her clothes. She looked up at me as I came in.
"Hey, babe, I was lonely so I decided to pop over."
My girlfriend and I had been carrying on a long distance relationship through my mom's body. My girlfriend lived across the country, but thanks to some magic she was able to possess my mom. At first I thought she'd just made a mistake with who she'd linked up with. But no. My girlfriend enjoyed teasing me in my mom's body.
But it was still my girl in there. Her mannerisms. Her sense of humor. So what if she was in mom's body? She was still the woman I fell in love with and I tumbled into bed with her, sucking on her breasts, her tiny toes.
Mom would never remember how I threw her body onto the bed and slid inside her wet heat. How I moaned as I tasted the delicious saltiness of her skin. How I plunged into her slick pussy, growing ever more excited as her tits bounced. My girlfriend began crying out for more in my mom's voice and it only made me hornier hearing that familiar voice begging for my cock. At last I drove in deep, emptying myself inside mom, cumming hard into the same pussy I'd come out of.

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  1. Can we get a part 2 and what about pregnancy logical the mom probably isn’t taking pills and they may not being using condoms

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