And now for something a little different

I came home from work to find my girlfriend dressed only in a bra and panties.
"What's the occasion?" I asked with a grin.
She slunk towards me and began unbuttoning my shirt while I stroked her soft body.
"I thought we could try something a little different tonight. You know how you mentioned you wondered what it would be like to be a woman?"
She clicked her fingers and the world flipped. Suddenly I was looking at the world through her eyes, my dainty fingers resting on a warm chest.
"Whoa," I laughed, surprised and delighted. I'd always harbored fantasies of being inside my girlfriend's body, particularly when we had sex. I would wonder what it would be like to be her, to stroke those amazing tits and welcome my own cock inside me.
Looked like I'd get my chance to find out. I jumped into my girlfriend's arms and she clutched me tight. I felt so delicate compared to my former body, and I wrapped my legs around her, still kissing and caressing. Her hand slid across my ass and I stroked my own tit, sliding my tongue into my former mouth, tasting myself from within my girlfriend's body. I was horny and wet so quickly, delighting in feeling my girlfriend's body move, hearing my new voice moan and beg to be fucked. And she didn't disappoint.

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