Little Miss Perfect (F2F Theft) – Preview

Life is about to change for Melody, when she goes to sleep a frumpy nobody and wakes up as the most lusted after girl in school in Little Miss Perfect, now available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

Melody woke up disoriented. The ambient noise in the room was all wrong. At first she thought she’d overslept because she didn’t hear the sound of the pipes running water to the shower. But within a few blinks she realized it was much more than that. Her bookshelf was gone. And her desk. And her posters. And…this wasn’t her room at all. It was much tidier and brighter. In the corner was a music stand, heavy with sheet music. A dresser next to it was covered with makeup, all sorted neatly by color. A small desk covered in papers sat beneath a window on the far wall. Even the posters on the walls depicted some sort of Asian boy band she didn’t recognize.

Melody rolled to the side of the bed and threw back the covers as she gaped around a bedroom she’d never seen before. She twisted around and put her feet on the floor, only to realize that they weren’t her feet. The toes were tiny and painted a bright pink. And the floral nightie that Melody was wearing hid a body that she didn’t recognize. The body was slender, for one thing. Her chubby ass and slight paunch of a stomach were gone. And her legs…god, her legs were amazing. Perfect and dainty and smooth.

Melody stood carefully, feeling quite fragile in her new tinier form. She made her way towards the dresser. There was a mirror fixed to the top of it and as Melody stumbled in front of it, she saw that the face reflected back at her was not her own. She found herself looking at Katie’s very startled face. Melody gaped in surprise and stumbled backwards as a strangled gasp escaped her lips. She fell heavily on the bed, scrambled to keep her balance, then stood again, slowly this time.

Katie’s shocked face rose into view, hair disheveled from sleep, almond-shaped eyes wide with surprise, little red lips in a puckered ‘o’ of amazement. Melody licked her lips, watched Katie’s reflection do the same. She realized she was licking Katie’s lips and she brought her hand to her mouth to wipe her lips, then realized that the hand was Katie’s, too, as was the saliva. Her hands came up, feeling Katie’s little heart shaped face frantically, fingers sliding across the new contours, the flawless skin, the perfect nose. She held Katie’s face in her hands and shook her head. This couldn’t be happening.

Melody looked down at herself, saw Katie’s perfect body stretching out beneath her. Looked back in the mirror, saw Katie’s frightened face staring back. Holy crap, she was in Katie’s body. How? This had to be a dream; it couldn’t be real. She brought both hands to her heart and tried to steady her breathing, fighting against the intruding thought that even the heartbeat she was feeling was Katie’s. She closed her eyes. Opened them again. Still Katie.

The terror was abating, replaced with a growing calm and a curious desire to see more of the girl who was being chased by every boy—and some of the girls—at school. When would she ever get another opportunity like this? There was no way this was real so why not take advantage?

Melody pinched the pink nightie between her fingers and pulled it away from her chest as she gazed down into the lacy neck hole. There was the swell of Katie’s breasts: delicate, shapely curves, hanging from her body. She pulled the nightie off over her head, bringing with it a cascade of long, dark hair over her face. She dropped the nightie to the floor and pushed her hair back behind her ears. She stared down at Katie’s naked body and her breath caught in her throat. It wasn’t fair that someone could be so popular and perfect and so fucking gorgeous.

Katie’s breasts were perfect teardrops, which was apt because the would make grown men cry. The light swells ended in tiny beige areolae. Her stomach was trim, a straight line leading down to her mound, already so different from Melody’s former chubby stomach. Between her legs was a light thatch of dark hair, short and meticulously trimmed into a perfect triangle. Her ass was incredible, carved by a master. And her legs. God, her legs were perfection. Lean and taut, ending in tiny, gorgeous feet.

Katie traced her fingers down her breasts, following the smooth curve of her body down to her nipples. She slipped her fingers beneath her breasts, grasping Katie’s tits lightly in her hands and squeezing, experimenting with boobs so different from her own. Hers had been small and shapeless, just lolling from her chest, not like Katie’s at all, which were firm and warm and practically begging to be touched. A warm shiver shot down her spine as she continued caressing herself. It felt nice to stroke her tits, to feel the body that was the envy of the school from the inside. She could do anything she wanted to this body and no one would ever know. The thought made her shiver again and a smile crept across her face.

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