Had it all

Request: Hi, I’m a long-time fan of ur captions. There are really great & I enjoyed it very much, especially some of your recent posts, where you put the caption between two pics and the FOSE caption. Was wondering if you could make a FOSE caption, where a chubby teenager jerked off to his brother’s wife, who is Asian, and at the time when he was swapped, his brother was in the middle of having sex with his wife. If you did a caption of this, I would be really thankful 🙂

Life is about to change for Melody, when she goes to sleep a frumpy nobody and wakes up as the most lusted after girl in school in Little Miss Perfect, now available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. yes yes yes oh my yes please let me become a woman at long last i want to know what it is to be fucked as a woman i want to come as a woman!

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