Just Visiting

My latest collection of short stories is now available! It’s called Just Visiting: A Body Possession Story Collection. Get it now on Smashwords or Amazon!

Featuring the following stories:

Perfect Prom – A father mysteriously swaps bodies with his daughter’s best friend on the night of her prom and gets to live the night from her perspective.

Slumber Party – Four guys find a way to possess four women during a sleepover and make it a night to remember.

Hopping the Cliche – A bodyhopper jumps into the body of a college cheerleader and finds she’s not quite the cliche he thought.

Here’s a little sneak peak of Hopping the Cliche:

The cheerleaders jumped down from their pyramid and began shaking their pom-poms to launch into the fight song. That was my cue to pull out the two t-shirt guns and hand one to Heather. It was difficult to see while wearing the Bobcat suit but all I really needed to do was aim high and pull the trigger. Compressed air and gravity would take care of the rest.

The crowd cheered wildly, fighting for each free shirt as we shot them up into the bleachers. After my gun was empty I cambered up onto the lowest podium as the cheerleaders launched into ‘We Are the Bobcats!’ I was sweating profusely inside my suit but the game was almost over; I’d almost danced our football team to their seventh straight victory. After another touchdown it was all over but the shouting, which meant for me and the squad there was still a lot of shouting left.

Finally, exhausted, hot and sweaty I headed back under the stadium with the cheer squad. I fell into step with Heather as I pulled off my mascot head. Imagine the stereotypical cheerleader: petite, blonde haired, blue eyed and beautiful. That was Heather. Her cheerleading uniform clung to her gentle curves in all the right ways and she always seemed animated and excited.

‘That was some nice shooting, partner,’ I said.

She giggled, her lips parting in a gorgeous smile. ‘You weren’t so bad yourself.’

To an outsider it might seem like she was flirting with me but I knew better. To the cheerleaders on the squad I was just the goofy guy, the team mascot willing to do anything from within the safety of my costume. And, to me, Heather was a walking cliché.

And yet.

And yet there was something about her. I had to try it. I’m not really into vapid women, usually preferring the suave, sophisticated kind. But what was the point of having the ability to hop into another person’s body if you weren’t going to try out something new?

‘People go crazy for the free shirts,’ I said, mirroring her walking pace.

‘I know. Did you see that tall guy in the fifth row push the little girl out of his way to get one?’

‘You should have shot him in the face,’ I replied, gradually slowing down and letting the others get ahead of us. Heather automatically slowed down with me as we continued talking.

‘He probably would have thought he was being rewarded,’ she said.

‘Yeah, you wouldn’t want to encourage that sort of aggression. Next thing you know you’ll have a whole crowd of people watching twenty two people beat each other up over a ball.’

‘Oh my god! I caused football!’

We laughed as the last of the squad split off for the women’s locker rooms. As soon as their backs were turned I jumped. In a split second the world disappeared as my body turned into a billion separate particles rushing into Heather’s body. She didn’t even have time to react.

Everything returned almost instantly—now from Heather’s perspective—and I watched from her body as the empty mascot costume crumpled to the ground. I hurriedly picked it up and tucked it away in the office across the hall then returned to the hallway and closed the door.

Heather’s body was so graceful. I adjusted the little skirt over my long, smooth legs and tucked my wavy blonde hair behind my head. I felt so naked in this cheerleading outfit, but damn did it fit my new body well, I was practically poured into it. I looked down her skirt from her perspective, gazed lovingly at her two firm breasts—mine now!—clasped in a bra, their luscious curves disappearing into the depths of my cheerleader top. I couldn’t wait to release them.

I headed into the locker room with the other women. The other girls chatted away, talking about the game, the obnoxious fan who’d been kicked out, and their plans for the evening. I gathered up Heather’s things, not bothering to even change. I wanted to try my new body out alone.

‘Hey, Heather,’ one of the girls spoke up, ‘Are you coming out with us tonight?’

I searched Heather’s mind for tonight’s plans, expecting to find her thinking about makeup, looking pretty, and what boys she was hoping to hook up with. Instead, I was surprised to find that her upcoming engineering project was at the top of her mind.

‘I might join you later,’ I replied in Heather’s beautiful voice ‘I’ve got to do some things, first.’

‘Anyone we know?’ Another laughed.

‘Nope.’ I smiled. Just me, myself and Heather.

‘Well, we’ll probably start out at Treetop if you want to join up.’

‘I’ll text you.’ I said, shrugging my bag over my shoulder and walking out, my wide hips swaying seductively, my thoughts already turning to the beautiful body I now inhabited. Heather’s thoughts, for some reason, were turning to straws.

I made my way through campus and back to Heather’s dorm room. I caught more than a few guys checking out my long legs poking out from underneath my short cheerleader skirt as I strode through campus. I was sure Heather was used to it, but I enjoyed the attention.

I flipped on the light as I entered her room. Heather was lucky enough to have one of the few single bedrooms on campus and she kept it immaculate. Her desk was neatly organized and a shelf above it was stuffed full of class books, arranged by color. She’d even made her bed.

I dropped her bag on the floor and headed straight to the full length mirror next to her bed to gaze at the gorgeous woman I’d become. I put my hands on my hips and posed, admiring my svelte body. Heather’s wavy, golden hair tickled its way down over one shoulder. Her broad face lit up in a smile as I checked my new body out, her gently plucked eyebrows rising as my blue eyes admired my new form. The cheerleading outfit clung to my small curves and showed off my fit arms. The skirt rounded seductively down over my tight little ass. I gave it a wiggle, enjoying how Heather’s body moved. I preened for myself, rotating my tanned, athletic legs this way and that as my body warmed with each new glimpse of her soft skin.

I faced the mirror front on and began dancing my hands up and down my body and gently swaying my hips. My dainty hands slid over each curve, squeezing my hidden breasts gently before returning down and circling back over my ass. I teased myself, running my hands over every inch of my stolen body as a warmth grew between my legs. The look of surprised excitement on my face morphed slowly into a half lidded look of lust as I made Heather grow horny for her own body.

Why was she thinking of straws? And what does he do next in her body? (I think the answer to one of those questions is fairly obvious.) But just to be sure, maybe you should get a copy of Just Visiting for yourself!

Get it now on Smashwords or Amazon!


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