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My latest erotic story collection Just Visiting: A Body Possession Story Collection is now available on both Amazon and Smashwords. Find a preview here.


  1. I know… Right, Zap!?!

    “… And, in point of fact, the points standing out on Gary’s beautiful breasts confounded his superficial determination to hide how much he was truly enjoying his lover’s new, masculine power too, while conveying to Lisa that her boyfriend was in need of something to calm his “nerves” before they went out for lunch.

    With the fabric straining around his gorgeous globes and the sensation of it slowly stretching open again doing nothing more than causing his teats to scream silently for some attention, Gary could feel the heat in his vulva beginning to moisten as his eyes flickered between Lisa’s questioning stare and the growing outline of the swelling manhood in her pants.
    “Well,” rumbled Lisa as she stepped confidently closer to the woman sitting in her favorite leather chair, “it looks like you’re ready to go somewhere other than out to lunch, Gary.” Her strong left hand reached for his right breast which had once again been shed free of Gary’s top.

    Shivers of pure lust grew out from his nipple to cover his smooth skin in waves of goose-flesh so, Gary could not help but reach for Lisa’s belt to daintily work her stiffening cock free of its confinement and wrap one of his soft hands around her hot, hard boner to stroke it gently, sighing, “It seems so wrong, but right now I feel like…” Gary trailed-off and let the engorged head of Lisa’s manhood slide past his lips while he reached under his titties to pinch the other nipple.

    Lisa smiled down at her lover’s pretty face as she reveled in the sensations Gary was covering her cock with. She let him work his way around her member at his own pace, certain that he would be more appreciative of their swap by doing so. And when his lips reached her pelvis without coercion, she knew that today would bring the two sessions of emptying her balls into him that would ensure at least nine months before there would be any more discussion of reversing their trade… If even then! …”


  2. Hehehe . . . I always enjoy it when the body slowly starts to cause the swapped couple to consider staying swapped a little longer . . . then just a few weeks . . . then maybe a month or two . . . until they end up preferring their new lives.


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