Into her own

Request: Man, your caps where the woman steals the mans body to get off as a man really get me going. Could you do a caption where my wife and her friends hatch a plan a plan to steal my body and use it to have an orgy? They could use a spell that allows two people having sex to swap bodies and taking turns swapping into and out of me and each other’s bodies to experience the pleasures of not just being a man but being each other.

Shane is Will’s best friend. Shane’s wife, Alicia, is Will’s worst enemy, an entitled brat who doesn’t realize how lucky she has it. After chancing upon a magical being who grants Will a body swapping spell, he takes over Alicia’s life, vowing to be a better wife and lover — and just all around person — than Alicia ever was in Let Me Stay, available on Smashwords and Amazon.


  1. To whoever requested this, I’d also recommend the doujin “Ore, Gal no Naka” by Taniguchi-San. Kinda similar concept.

  2. It seem that it crazy idea, but after it happens, that he was a better girl, wife, and lover than the original person who was that was her

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