Let Me Stay (MtF Body Theft)

Shane is Will’s best friend. Shane’s wife, Alicia, is Will’s worst enemy, an entitled brat who doesn’t realize how lucky she has it. After chancing upon a magical being who grants Will a body swapping spell, he takes over Alicia’s life, vowing to be a better wife and lover — and just all around person — than Alicia ever was in Let Me Stay, available on Smashwords and Amazon.

“Shane. I’m not Alicia. I’m Will. Alicia – me – the guy yelling in the hallway – my old body or whatever. That’s Alicia. We swapped bodies. Will didn’t go crazy. I’m Will.”

Shane opened his mouth to argue. Closed it. Opened it again. “What?”

Will came up to him, smiling. “It’s true. I found a spell that let me take her body. She was such a bitch to you, Shane. She didn’t deserve you. I can be everything she was but better.”

Will took Shane’s hand, enjoying the feel of his calloused fingers against Alicia’s smooth skin.

“Prove it.” Shane said, sullenly.

“Ok,” Will bit his lip, thinking. “Ah. Follow me.”

Still holding Shane’s hand, Will led him down to the bedroom.

“Where’s all my stuff?” Shane asked.

Will just smiled and opened the closet door, revealing their clothes neatly organized. Shane gawked.

“There’s more. Listen to this. I think it’s pretty fucking tight.”

Will slid open the door to the tiny studio and bent over the keyboard to pull up the demo track he’d laid down that afternoon. As he did so, the apron fell forward, making him feel so divinely naked. He pushed play and Alicia’s voice came through the speakers, mixed to a bouncing beat. Will watched Shane as he nodded along, his eyes widening as he stared up and down at Alicia’s body.

“Would Alicia do this?” Will asked, his eyes gleaming.

Shane shook his head slowly in amazement. “No.”

“I’ll show you something else you told me this prissy bitch would never do.”

Will got to his knees in the closet and reached for Shane’s belt buckle. Shane took a half step back but Will pulled him back towards him before tugging down his pants and underwear. Now Shane’s cock hung heavy in front of Will’s little nose. He grabbed it, giggling and biting his lower lip as he did so. Shane’s dick was so warm beneath his little fingers. It pulsed once as Will stroked it, slowly growing hard beneath his touch. In no time it rose up, thick and powerful. Maybe it was Will’s smaller body, but the cock seemed so large. He couldn’t take his eyes off it as he ran his fingers up and down the shaft. Shane didn’t protest. He just stared down with wide eyes as Will stroked his dick.

Will leaned closer, kissing the head of Shane’s cock, letting the tip slide just between his plump lips. He kissed his way down the shaft, inhaling Shane’s delicious musk as he buried Alicia’s tiny nose in Shane’s pubic hair. Then he kissed his way back up the shaft and opened his mouth wide, taking his friend inside. Shane’s dick was warm and wonderful as it slid across Will’s tongue and he sucked gently, lowering his lips down, down Shane’s cock, taking him all in until the dick hit the back of his throat. Holding his friend entirely in his mouth, he undulated his tongue against the underside of the shaft. Shane gripped his head in two hands and moaned.

Now Will’s body was warming. He continued sliding his lips up and down the glorious shaft, filling and emptying himself, pausing only to untie the neck of the apron and let it fall down, spilling his large tits out. They bounced beneath him as he sucked Shane’s dick, growing faster, little muffled moans escaping his lips. While he sucked Shane’s dick he played with his tits, well aware of how hot Shane would find it. He followed Shane’s rhythm, moving faster and faster, stopping when Shane was just on the precipice of orgasm, letting him catch his breath, pulling his mouth out and stroking his heavy breasts before resuming his cocksucking.

“Oh, fuck, that’s incredible,” Shane whispered, thrusting gently towards Will’s face.

Will gripped Shane’s ass and pulled him closer, shoving the cock down his own throat. It tasted divine, the salty pre-cum trickling across his tongue as he held the dick firmly between his lips. When he sensed Shane was about to cum he pulled his lips off and stroked the cock faster with one hand, the saliva lubricating his friend’s dick.

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