Inside her head

I could hear my wife inside my head as I tugged off the dress.
Oh, god, I've never seen myself like this before, she said in awe. That must be your lust for my body because I've certainly never felt that way.
I grinned, admiring the heavy tits that swayed beneath me, remaining bent over so I could jiggle my chest and watch her perfect breasts move. I stood and grabbed her tits with her own hands, squeezing them softly before taking first one, then the other to my mouth and sucking on each lovely pink nipple. Pleasure sparked between my legs, and I felt my wife give way to my lust.
My wife was a witch, and as a birthday present she dressed up in sexy lingerie and cast a spell so that I could share her body while she looked on inside her own mind. I could control everything, and I took my time, enjoying the voluptuous body that looked so good on my wife and felt so wonderful on me.
"You don't know how much I love just playing with your tits," I moaned in her voice as I stroked and fondled myself.
Oh, I think I have some idea, she purred.
I was growing wet at the sight of my wife stroking herself, at the feel of her smooth skin beneath my fingers as I controlled the body I'd always imagined being in. My fingers found my entrance, my pussy already slick with my desire. In my head my wife urged me on, showing me exactly where to touch her, how hard and how fast until I cried out in her soft voice and convulsed with a powerful orgasm.

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