Pervert neighbor

Lexi was so pissed off. Her pervert neighbor, Adam, had some sort of invention that had gone wrong, swapping all the members of their two families. Now Lexi was in her brother's body, and Adam was in Lexi's mom's body. And Adam didn't seem in any hurry to fix the machine. Lexi suspected when he sequestered himself away in the lab that most of the day was spent doing gross things to his new body. The thought was disgusting.
So Lexi was stuck in her brother's body and with a dick that would get hard at the slightest thing. She'd been grossed out at first, but the urgency was so insistent, and the discomfort of keeping her hard-on hidden in her jeans was so awful, she finally took to her room and unzipped her pants. Her brother's cock jumped out and her eyes widened at the sight of it. It was huge!
She gulped and was just about to touch it when the door opened and her mom appeared. Well, her mom's body, anyway. Lexi gaped at Adam. He'd dressed her mom in some skimpy lingerie and heels. But worst of all was that Lexi couldn't keep her eyes off her mom's tits. The hormones in her body were going mad.
Adam saw her cock and smiled. He shut the door and crawled onto the bed, putting one finger to his lips to silence her protests as he grabbed her dick with the other.
	Without a word, Adam leaned down and kissed the head of Lexi's dick, then kissed her way down her shaft until her nose was buried in Lexi's curly hair. The urgency in Lexi's cock increased tenfold. Her mouth went dry as she watched her mom open her lips and swallow her new dick.
	"Oh, fuuuck," Lexi groaned, savoring the feeling of her mom's warm, wet mouth swallowing her new cock.
	Lexi stared down at her mom's beautiful body as Adam sucked her cock. She watched her brother's dick disappear between those pillowy plump lips, reappearing moments later slick with saliva. God, it felt too good to resist, so she lay back and enjoyed the pleasure as Adam made Lexi's mom suck her dick.
	Lexi stroked her mom's body, following the curve of her back and her ass, before slipping under to cup each heavy breast. The desire for this soft body was intense and all-consuming. Lexi's pleasure rose as Adam moved faster, swallowing her dick, moaning as she took her all in until Lexi felt the tension snap.
	She came with a grunt and Adam drove his lips down as Lexi emptied her brother's dick into her mom's mouth. She throbbed between those soft lips, driving deep into the warmth that her cock was crying out for until she was spent.
	Adam pulled his lips off with a wet pop, smiled, and left as silently as he'd come in.

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