In the Attic


Jason had tagged Lori with an electronic tracker during his lunch break and as soon as he got home he jumped into the chamber and activated it. Instantly he found himself in possession of her body. She seemed like such a prude at work he couldn’t wait to explore her body and control her from the inside. His hair fell around his shoulders as he shoved her hand into her skin tight pants to explore his new pussy. He rubbed, gently at first. Soon faster. Harder.

Wow, she got wet fast! Her body liked it rough, too, he could tell. He rubbed his new pussy faster, fingers sliding in and out, massaging his clit.  He pulled down his pants, grabbed his tits and squeezed. That felt so good. He’d thought she was stuck up, but maybe she just needed to masturbate more. He’d help with that. His hair tickled his new tits as he squeezed some more enjoying the pain becoming pleasure. His pussy cried out for attention. He rubbed furiously, hands slick with his own juices as the pressure built and built until-

“Oh God” he moaned in Lori’s silky voice and doubled over as pleasure arced through his body. He kept rubbing his clit, fingers deep inside his wet cunt, his body wasn’t done. The pressure built and built until he climaxed again, relief and pleasure shooting through every delicious pore of his delicate body. Finally, he slowed his pace, fingers still inside himself but slowly, warming down. Oh God, that felt good. Playing with Lori’s pussy felt so good, next time he took over her body he might just have to fuck someone.



 I really wish I could do this myself.  It looks like so much fun.

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