Enjoy each other

Jason had bought the necklaces as a joke, not believing the old man who said they were magic. But now, after swapping bodies with his wife, it didn’t seem so funny.

“Holy shit,” he gasped in his wife’s sexy voice as he gazed down at his heavy breasts. He reached his slender hand down between his legs and ran his fingers along his new pussy.

“This feels amazing,” said a man’s voice, Jason’s old voice! Jason’s wife, now in his body, had wasted no time pulling his pants down and stroking his erect cock. It was slightly alarming to look up and see his own body moving without Jason controlling it. But the sight of his former body stroking his cock started making his heart beat faster.

Jason gently stroked his pussy ad murmured suggestively, ”Slow down, honey, save some for me.”

He stood and walked over to his body, loving the feeling of his new tits as they bounced slightly with each step. Jason knelt down in front of his former body and grabbed his old cock with his slender hand. He looked at it, admiring it from a different angle as he felt a desire he had never known before. He took it into his mouth. He knew exactly what to do as he gently bobbed up and down on the cock, slowly at first but soon building speed. He looked up and saw his wife’s eyes closed in ecstasy. Jason felt a firm hand placed on the back of his head, as his wife pushed him down onto his former cock, back and forth, and Jason felt his wife’s body respond. His pussy ached with wetness as he dipped a finger in it and slid it in and out to the rhythm of the cock in his mouth. He slid his full, feminine lips faster and faster, up and down his cock until, all too suddenly, he heard his old voice groan. Jason felt his cock jolt and his mouth was suddenly filled with cum. Hot and salty, it made his new body even wetter as he slurped it all down. He pulled the cock out of his mouth and felt some cum drip down his tits as he licked it clean.

Jason looked up at his former body and said, “OK, baby, my turn.”

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