Immigrated 3

You forbid Rosa from coming back to the house, threatening to call the police if she does so. That stops her and Tyson from coming over, but it doesn't stop the torment.
Every day you receive an email with a link to a video. A new degrading sex act staring your mom put up for all the world to see:
Here she is giving Tyson a footjob. 
Here she is bouncing on his cock. 
Here she is getting a faceful of his cum, laughing as the creamy seed shoots over her lips and nose. 
Here she is getting fucked from behind, tits bouncing crazily as she takes Tyson's dick.
Rosa seems to have adjusted to her new body and her new life, but not in the way you'd hoped. You can't help watching the videos as your last connection to your mom. You just want to hear her voice, even if it is begging for more cock. You just want to see her face, even if it is covered with your bully's cum. You just want to know that she's okay, even if she's bouncing joyfully on a cock or two.
Rosa was one of the first minds to be emergency transplanted like this, and there are soon protocols around who should be transferred into who.
It's too late for you, though. Your mom's new career as a pornstar is well known to all your friends. Rosa’s willing to do anything in her new body. She’s long past doing it to torment you. Now she just enjoys it. And so does everyone 

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