Immigrated 2

Rosa contacts you a few days later to ask questions about her new body. You think she's softening towards you so you invite her over for a talk. Seeing your mom's body back at home puts you at ease, and you share your worries and concerns, forgetting for a moment that it's a stranger inside your mom's body. You tell her all about your life, including the bullying at school, confessing to this stranger as if she is your mom. You think Rosa has gotten over her anger. But you're wrong.
The next day you come home to find Rosa waiting out front. She's dressed your mom's body only in sexy leopard print panties and a lacy bra. Even worse, she's with your bully, Tyson. Still, you hustle her inside before too many neighbors can see her.
"Did you know that Tyson always thought your mom was hot?" Rosa asks you, shaking your mom's tits for Tyson.
'What are you doing?" You cry.
Tyson wraps his arms around Rosa and squeezes her breasts. "I found someone who hates you even more than I do. And it's your mom!"
Your protests just make them happier. In no time Tyson has pulled off your mom's bra and panties and has her flipped over on a chair. He grabs her plump butt cheeks and pulls them wide before plunging into her from behind. 
Your mom's breasts tumble and shake as your bully pounds her. She cries out in lust, eyes closed as she grips the chair, loving the rough fuck. You escape to your room and close the door, but that doesn't block the sound of your mom's orgasmic cries.

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