I’m you 2

“Jesus, Beth,” Marshall moaned to himself. “How did you not just do this all day?”
Marshall kept his plump ass in the air, his fingers stroking through his stepmom’s pussy, sliding into her glistening folds. He dripped down his thighs, soaking his fingers and wetting the towel he’d put out beneath him. His giant tits rested on the ground, forgotten for the moment as he explored his stepmom’s silky folds.
Marshall had managed to dodge his dad’s advances so far, but he and his stepmom were no closer to repairing the statue so they could swap back. Beth was pretending to be him at school while he was supposed to be pretending to be her at work.
Instead, he’d called in sick for two days in a row and spent those days in masturbatory bliss, enjoying orgasm after orgasm in Beth’s curvy body. He’d started by just playing with his tits but as he got more bold his hands wandered down between his legs. Now he was an expert with his stepmom’s pussy, and had spent hours with his fingers inside himself, stroking himself to orgasm until he was too sore and exhausted to continue.
He found that after a short break and some food he was ready to go again. And again. And again…

Sebastian wakes up one morning in the body of Cindy, a cute young woman who lives in the dorm room below him. But his own (former?) body is still moving around, completely oblivious to Sebastian’s confusion. What’s more, Cindy is still conscious and thinks every sexy thing she’s done is of her own free will in Suddenly Cindy 1, only available on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords. Preview here.


  1. How follow-up!

    How about a finale where Marshall gives in to his dad’s advances, maybe he’s caught masturbating?

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