How heavy

“Jesus, I didn’t know how heavy these things were,” Jacob said, unbuttoning his shirt and massaging his mom’s huge tits. They were jiggly beneath his hands and he splayed his fingers over them, squeezing softly. They felt so good he felt his cock rising. He knew they were his mom’s tits, his sister’s hands and his neighbor’s face, but they all felt so good.
Jacob was a victim of the trait swapper, which had rolled through the neighborhood and changed his entire upper half but left his lower half that of a teenage guy. Now he had to deal with tits and testosterone. He dealt with it through lots of masturbation.
It was so hot watching his sister’s hands stroke his mom’s tits, pinching the little pink nipples as delicious pain shot through him and his nipples stood to sharp peaks. Hearing his neighbor’s voice moan softly as he touched himself turned him on even more.
Jacob was soon back in his bedroom, stroking his dick with one of his sister’s slender hands while he squeezed his tits with the other. The pleasurable tension rose within him and he came soon, crying out in his neighbor’s voice, jerking himself off with his sister’s hand and sending creamy ropes of cum across his mom’s fat tits.
There didn’t seem to be any cure, which bothered a lot of people. Not Jacob. He pretended to be bothered, but when he was alone he enjoyed himself immensely. It was just too bad he hadn’t gained the ability to orgasm multiple times in a row. Though, if he had, he probably would never have left his room.

Sebastian wakes up one morning in the body of Cindy, a cute young woman who lives in the dorm room below him. But his own (former?) body is still moving around, completely oblivious to Sebastian’s confusion. What’s more, Cindy is still conscious and thinks every sexy thing she’s done is of her own free will in Suddenly Cindy 1, only available on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords. Preview here.


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