How bad? 3

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Peter didn’t think it could get any worse after being placed into his sister’s body by Ben, the bully, while the bully walked around in his body. But it did.
Later that day Peter was in his sister’s bedroom, pacing back and forth while trying to both figure out how to swap everyone back and ignore the jiggle of his sister’s body. Peter didn’t know where Ben had taken Peter’s body of to. Peter was interrupted when his mom opened the door.
“Hey, mom,” Peter smiled sadly, resigned to pretending to be his sister.
“Wrong again, fucko,” his mom laughed Ben’s evil laugh. “I swapped bodies with your mom and left her miles away.”
“What do you want?”
Ben held up a brown bag. “Brought some toys for us. You help fuck your mom in the ass and I’ll swap the whole family back.”
Again, Peter felt he didn’t have a choice. Ben forced him to strip naked anf then began kissing him and stroking Peter’s tits. Peter was disgusted to have his mom touching him like this, stroking his sister’s body. But it was even worse when Ben lay Peter’s mom on the bed, her ass in the air, and commanded Peter to slide the thick black dildo into his tight hole. Peter diligently worked the dildo into his mom’s ass while Ben clutched at the bed and moaned, orgasming beneath Peter’s touch. Peter slowly fucked her asshole with the dildo while stroking her pussy, spreading her juices around, sliding his sister’s fingers into his mom’s cunt as Ben wriggled beneath him with ecstasy, Peter’s mom’s moans filling the room. After three orgasms Peter’s hand was getting tired but then the room jumped.
Suddenly, Peter was lying on his front on bed, his ass in the air, something hard lodged in his asshole as juice trickled down his thighs and the last throes of orgasm ebbed through him. Peter was now in his own mom’s naked body.
“Gotcha again,” Ben smirked from within Peter’s sister’s body.

Chapter 7 of a serial about a misogynist transformed into his dream woman by a curse. His only way back is to take on 200 men in a year. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.


  1. Fuck this is soooo hot. Make him suck his cock as his mom this time or have dad come back and fuck both him and the bully in his daughter ruining their family

  2. Let me get this straight.
    Sister and Bully, Bully and Peter(in sister), Peter (in sister) and Bully (in mom), Peter ( in mom) and Bully (back in sister)?? It’s getting really good.

  3. I love it when the actresses are accurate in the sequel to caps. All parts with Ashley ? Awesome

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