Coworking space

I didn’t know that I’d be caught masturbating to one of my coworkers in the worst way possible: the FOSE.
I was in my bedroom, a picture from her social media account up on my computer while I stroked myself, almost ready to cum, when the world changed around me.
Suddenly I was sitting on someone’s lap. My entire body felt different. Bouncier. Heavier. My legs were spread and something warm and hard was lodged deep inside me. My whole body vibrated with the pleasure of an onrushing orgasm.
Gaping down at myself, my jaw dropped as I found two enormous breasts hanging from my chest and a pussy between my legs, stuffed with some other guy’s cock. That guy was even now reaching around to grab my tits, grunting into my ear as he fucked me.
He gave two pumps which were enough to push me over the edge. Pleasure crashed through me and I cried out, grinding myself on the massive cock between my legs as the tension snapped and sweet relief flooded my entire body. The orgasm made me convulse and cry out in a high-pitched voice as the cock inside me throbbed and filled me. The man beneath me grunted as he thrust up, pumping into my wet pussy, filling me with his hot seed.
It was only when I came down and climbed off him that I realized who I was. I was now my coworker and would soon find that I would be stuck in her big-breasted body for the rest of my life.
On the plus side, I never needed a picture of her again. Anytime I got horny for myself, I just lay in front of the mirror and fingered my juicy cunt until her moans spilled from my lips and her desire twisted through me.

Chapter 7 of a serial about a misogynist transformed into his dream woman by a curse. His only way back is to take on 200 men in a year. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

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