How bad? 2

Part 1 is here

Request: part 2 please !! Make the bully honor his promise by after them having sex, giving her the body back, but switching the siblings around and possessing their mom.

Peter reluctantly agreed to have sex with Ben, the bully who was currently in his sister’s body, on video. Peter had a hard time getting an erection as Ben stripped off his pants and made Peter touch his sister’s tits.
“Poor little brother can’t get hard,” Ben teased him, before getting down on his knees and stroking Peter’s dick.
Peter closed his eyes and, by pretending it was someone other than his sister, managed to get his cock hard enough for Ben to shout, “Yippee! Let’s fuck.”
Ben sat backwards on Peter’s lap and dragged his pussy down onto Peter’s dick. Peter gripped his sister’s waist, grimacing as he felt himself slide into her slick entrance. Ben’s little moans and the feel of his cock surrounded by his sister’s warmth soon made Peter hornier despite himself. He watched his sister’s slim backside as she bounced on his cock, growing the exquisite tension inside him.
Ben rocked on Peter’s cock, sighs turning to moans. He began mumbling something as he lay back on Peter.
“What did you–” Peter began.
The world jumped and suddenly Peter was looking at the room rather than the back of his sister.
“-say?” He finished, only his voice was different. Lighter. Higher pitched.
Worse, he was sitting on someone. Something firm and warm felt very much like it was plunging inside him. Looking down, Peter found his sister’s body beneath him, her tits on his chest, her – now his – legs spread wide to reveal the pink lips of his pussy. He gasped, and the hands gripping his waist shoved him down, his former cock exploding into him, pulsing with hot seed as it filled Peter’s slick new cunt. Peter was held helpless as his former body filled him with cum, his new body trembling with pleasure as his sister’s orgasm filled him. He gasped in a mixture of disgust and pleasure as he watched and felt his sister’s naked body orgasm.
“There you go,” Peter’s former voice said from behind him with a sneer. “I got out of your sister’s body, just like you asked.”
Now the bully was in Peter’s body. And Peter was inside his sister, his own cum dripping out of him.

A young man discovers a restaurant with a special service that allows people to possess the patrons, enjoy them, and change them to their liking in Eating Out, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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