Eating Out

A young man discovers a restaurant with a special service that allows people to possess the patrons, enjoy them, and change them to their liking in Eating Out, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

My cute friend, Riley, managed to get reservations at the fancy restaurant where her hot roommate, Kaitlin, worked. I thought it was just going to be expensive food but the entertainment turned out even better. Something came over Riley before the meal. In fact, something came over all the women in the restaurant. Before I knew it, Riley was begging me to undress her and show her a good time. It turned out that this particular restaurant had a service where people could pay to possess the patrons for an hour.

What’s more, the changes stuck with them. I returned home with Riley and Kaitlin to find them more sensual than ever before, both of them eager to show me all the joys of their bodies.

I had to go back to the restaurant and experience it from the other side. Kaitlin was a blonde bombshell, a perfect ten. I wanted to find a way to possess her and have my own fun in her body.

“Apparently they gave her a really hard time about inviting you here,” my friend, Riley, whispered to me as we stepped into the velvet-lined foyer of the restaurant.

“Really?” I asked.

She nodded and swiped her dark bangs out of her eyes. “I guess they had a last minute cancellation, though.”

The foyer was dark and understated in the way of extremely fancy restaurants. There were two blondes in front of us chatting with the hostess, and seeing them both in their fancy evening dresses made me feel hopelessly out of place in my ill-fitting button-down and borrowed tie. The blondes both had elegant hair that fell down around their shoulders and looked poured into their tight dresses. Riley caught me staring at their incredible figures and elbowed me in the ribs.

“Stop staring, Jason,” Riley hissed.

My cheeks reddened and I looked away until the hostess led the two blondes around the corner and out of sight. The only reason we were even at this fancy restaurant was because Riley’s roommate, Kaitlin, had recently started working here and was going to tap us into her employee discount. The restaurant was downtown, behind a nondescript steel door that looked like a service entrance. One of those strange secret bars that big cities have hidden away. Fancy décor behind a shabby façade.

“Come here,” Riley said, taking hold of my tie and fixing it up. “This might be hard for you but we need to impress these people,” she deadpanned.

“Cool. I’ll try not to break any dishes or set anything on fire.”

I’d never before seen Riley wear the black dress she had on now. Straps crisscrossed across her slender figure, giving glimpses of the pale skin of her sides and just below her collarbone. The dress clung to the light swell of her breasts, hugging her figure as it spilled down to just below her knees. She was even made up, her black hair done in a bob that framed her face. She was shorter than me by about a head, and as I watched her adjust my tie I really, really concentrated on not staring down her dress. I really did. She was my friend.

“Good start,” she agreed, finishing with my tie and patting my chest.

Fuck, I had such a huge crush on her. We’d known each other since high school when she dated one of my other friends. They broke up when they went away to different colleges but Riley and I attended the same university shared some classes. I’d never hung out with her away from my friend before, and soon discovered how great she was.

The more we hung out, the more I liked her. She had a droll sense of humor and enjoyed campy horror movies. Plus, she was cute in a door-next-girl kind of way with a slender button nose and expressive green eyes. We just fit together. By the time I realized I had a crush on her we’d been friends long enough that asking her out would be extraordinarily awkward. Especially because, even though she was naturally flirty, it didn’t seem like she had a thing for me and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.

“The hostess is coming back,” Riley said. “Act fancy.”

I stepped up to the hostess. “Ah-pardon me,” I said affecting an over-the-top posh accent. Riley snickered and poked me in the back. “We have reserved ah-one ah-table for two. Should be under ah-Kaitlin.”

The waitress was a busty blonde squeezed into a tight navy dress. She didn’t even crack a smile as she ran her finger down the guest list.

“There you are,” she said, crossing off our name. “Right this way, please.”

“Doofus,” Riley whispered to me, a flicker of a smile across her pretty lips.

We followed the hostess around a corner and into the main dining room. The soft clink of silverware filled the air as we were guided through the exquisitely decorated room. The lights were low, the wall decorations simple in the way only extraordinarily expensive furnishings can be. Riley and I sat across from each other at a small table and gawked at our surroundings. The hostess handed us menus and disappeared back to the front.

I perused the menu and sucked in my lips. “No prices.”

“Think that means it’s free?” Riley joked, scanning her own menu.

“I would assume.”

“Hi, guys, thanks for coming,” a familiar voice said.

Riley’s roommate, Kaitlin, stood by our table. Her long-sleeved button-down white shirt strained against her ample bust. She’d swept her shoulder-length burnt-orange hair up in a fancy bun, one long lock hanging artfully down the side of her pretty face. Riley was cute but Kaitlin was hot. She could have easily settled down with any of the string of rich boyfriends she introduced us to, but she wasn’t content to be some rich guy’s trophy wife. Kaitlin was nice but she always struck me as kind of fake. Her reactions to other’s problems seemed alternately contrived or way over-the-top, like she was really pretending to care.

“Thanks for inviting us,” I replied.

“Is it a problem I can’t pronounce most of the words on this menu?” Riley asked.

Kaitlin laughed. “I don’t think anyone can. That woman over there…” Kaitlin said, nodding to a table to her left, “Has been trying and failing all night. Don’t worry about it. I’ll get you what’s good.”

“Sounds good,” I nodded agreeably.

Kaitlin swept away, leaving Riley and me to study our surroundings some more. Riley glanced this way and that, then leaned over the table and whispered to me: “Hey, Jason, notice anything weird about the people here?”

I casually cast my eyes around the restaurant and immediately saw what she was talking about. “Is this lady’s night or something?”

The room was filled with gorgeous women. I was one of only three men that I could see, including the waitstaff.

“I haven’t seen this many beautiful women in one place outside of a beauty pageant,” Riley said. “Why’d they let you in here?” Her lips quirked up into that impish smile again.

She was right. Everyone here was at least a nine. I included Riley in that assessment.

“Gender equality?” I guessed.

A waitress brought around some sliced bread, along with a small bowl of olive oil and another of butter. She returned a moment later with two glasses of wine and set them in front of us.

“Guess this is from Kaitlin,” I said.

“Here’s to eating in restaurants that are way out of our league,” Riley said, raising her glass.

I toasted and we both sipped. A soft chime rang out and everything changed. The first thing that happened was that Riley jumped in her seat and nearly choked on her wine. She set the glass down on the table.

“Forget how to drink?” I snickered.

She ignored me and looked down at herself, bringing her hands up and wiggling her fingers as if she’d never seen them before. She chuckled, a sly smile spreading across her adorable lips. Then she gaped down at her chest and reached up to squeeze her breasts. She sighed in contentment and felt herself up while I stared, too stunned to do anything for a moment.

“You okay?” I asked.

She looked up at me, hands still on her tits, and nodded, then returned her attention to her breasts. I looked around to see if anyone was watching. No one was looking at us. In fact, they were all looking at themselves. Just like Riley, almost every woman in the restaurant was staring at themselves and feeling themselves up. Hands were on tits, yanking up skirts, running down bodies, like they’d all had the same idea at the same time.

“Riley? What’s going on?”

Riley stopped struggling with her dress and looked at me, a strange wide smile on her lips. “You don’t know what’s happening?” When I shook my head she laughed. “You’re in for a treat. Help me get out of this dress.”

She stood and came over to me, turning so I could unclasp the back of her dress.

“Uhh…” My brain froze. This was exactly what I wanted. But here? Now?

She turned to look at me, in exasperation this time. “Look, buddy…” It was her voice but a different cadence, like someone else was operating her body. “Here’s the quick rundown.” She motioned at the women around the restaurant, who were now busily undressing themselves, flinging their clothes away. “This restaurant runs a special night. We paid big money to possess these chick’s bodies for an hour. I don’t want to waste it, so are you gonna help me out of this dress or do I have to find someone else?”

A young man discovers a restaurant with a special service that allows people to possess the patrons, enjoy them, and change them to their liking in Eating Out, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

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