Hopped: A Body Hopper Story Collection (Preview)

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Four hot, sexy tales of body hoppers running wild, stealing bodies, controlling minds, and forcing them to do their bidding. These stories explore themes of revenge, lust, love and, above all, exploration as men explore the sensual, gorgeous bodies of the women they now inhabit.

Warning: These stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual acts and sexual control, please don’t read if that type of story offends you.

The four stories included are:

A Dish Served Hot: A man discovers his body hopping abilities and uses it to get revenge on his horrible co-worker and her stuck up family.

Showing Her How: A body hopper has a quiet day to himself while in the body of woman who doesn’t realize how beautiful she is.

Pushing the Limit: A body hopper takes a vacation in a good Christian girl’s body and enjoys things she never even dreamed of.

Sharing a Ride: Thanks to a strange stone, a man ends up in control of his girlfriend’s body and uses his powers to make her realize her sexual potential.

Here’s a little preview of A Dish Served Hot:


I discovered I was special one summer night in New York. I was finishing up my shift at Gucciello’s, an upscale Italian restaurant. As usual I was on the night shift and, as usual, so was Sara, my hot co-worker and arch-nemesis. I know you usually only ever see an arch-nemesis in comic books and movies, but she was a real life, honest to god hate-me-and-do-everything-in-her-power-to-ruin-me straight up bitch.

But hot. So, she had that one thing going for her.

Sara had straight, blonde hair often pulled back in a ponytail that revealed the tiny ankh tattoo behind her left ear. Her face was cute, with a perky little nose, large blue eyes and a profile that would make a grown man weak. She had an amazing figure and flaunted it by wearing the tightest regulation black waitress outfit she could get away with—and she got away with a lot. The blouse showed off her tight breasts and clung to her trim stomach, while the pants shaped her amazing ass and hugged the delicate contours of her legs. She practically danced around the tables and otherwise sane men would leave enormous tips for her—let’s be realistic—pathetically poor table service. If she wasn’t waiting on a table you could probably find her in the kitchen adjusting her makeup and flirting with the chefs. That’s how she never got in trouble. Here’s a tip if you ever work in a restaurant: befriend the head chef; if they love you you’re bulletproof.

I don’t know what I did to get on Sara’s bad side. Maybe it’s because I spilled a glass of wine on her—an accident, I swear—maybe it’s because I complained about her service to no avail—see head chef comma befriending above—maybe it’s just because I saw that beneath her stunning good looks was a narcissistic manipulator and I wasn’t willing to put up with her crap in the utterly crazy hope that she’d fuck me.

Until she did. Sort of.

Here’s what happened. Sara and I were the last two left with only a few chores remaining, one of which was to take the garbage out. Nobody liked taking the garbage out. The dump was out the back door at the far end of an alley that smelled like piss and was always dotted with small puddles even in the driest weather. Gross, right? That’s why the only fair way to do it was to take turns. Except on this night Sara, for whatever reason, tried to wiggle out of it as I was mopping up.

‘Zak, I’m tired. Can you take out the garbage?’ she asked, rubbing my arm flirtatiously. I knew immediately what was going on, she only ever touched me when she wanted something.

‘Fine, you mop,’ I said, holding the mop out to her.

‘My legs hurt. Pleeeaaase?’ She sat down on a dining chair, twisting a strand of her hair in one hand and giving me her cutest pouty face.

‘Just get it done so we can get out of here.’

‘I’m so tired.’

‘I’m tired, too, we worked the same shift. The difference is that I’m also cleaning up.’

‘I cleaned up.’

‘You half wiped some tables that the morning crew will have to re-wipe. That hardly counts.’

‘Zak, I’m not taking out that garbage. It’s gross.’ Her eyes hardened, her impeccably neat eyebrows furrowed.

‘Yeah, it is.’

‘Jim wouldn’t like me taking out the garbage. He might have words for you.’ Jim was the head chef, Sara’s trump card.

I glared at her for a second. ‘Fucking fine.’

I threw down the mop and stormed over to the large pile of garbage. I grabbed the bags, kicked open the back door and stormed out down the alley. It’s difficult to storm out when you’re carefully dodging puddles of unidentified liquid but I tried my best. I tossed the garbage bags into the dumpster and headed back.

As I neared the door I heard some loud bangs, like the sound of a few chairs falling off the tables. When I rounded the corner back into the restaurant everything was quiet. Quiet and dark. Someone had turned the overhead lights off, leaving just the glow that emanated from the street lamps outside.

‘Sara?’ I called. No answer. It would be just like her to leave me to finish up.

I peeked into the dining room. The chair Sara had been sitting in was knocked to the floor as was another one nearby. My heart started beating faster. Something wasn’t right. I turned around, half ready to run and call the police when I saw Sara.

She was standing in the doorway with one hand on her hip, silhouetted by the outside lights so I couldn’t see her face, just the outline of her svelte hourglass figure.

‘Why are the lights off?’ I asked.

She put a finger to her lips. ‘Shhh.’

Sara slowly walked towards me, her hips swaying back and forth seductively. She reached me and knelt down. The shadows stretched heavy across her blonde head as she began unbuttoning my pants. Her face was in darkness but it was all too clear what she had in mind. I didn’t know what kind of fucked up power game she was playing and I didn’t want anything to do with it. I tried to step back but she grabbed my pants and pulled me close. Before I could pull away again she slipped her warm hand beneath my boxer shorts and grasped my cock in her gentle fingers and began slowly caressing me.

Ok, this was new.

My cock stiffened at her expert touch and then I felt her hot breath and wet mouth as she swallowed me, her tongue gliding up and down my shaft as she sucked. I grabbed her hair, pushing her head down farther, forcing her to deep throat my cock and she grunted in pleasure, an oddly deep grunt. Feeling that bitch’s lips wrapped around my cock as she knelt in front of me gave me an overwhelming orgasmic sense of power. I closed my eyes and wrapped my fingers through her hair as I pushed her down harder onto me. I fucked her face, remembering all the awful things she’d done as I forced her lips up and down faster, making her gag on my fullness. It only seemed to intensify her pleasure; she wanted to be used as much as I wanted to use her.


Then she pushed me back and turned around. She slipped off her pants and panties then leaned against a nearby table, sheathed in shadow. By some miracle of the lights reflecting in from outside her amazing ass was spotlighted in the darkness, the smooth cheeks waving back and forth gently, tempting me. I didn’t need another invitation. I slid my cock under her taut butt cheeks and inside her pussy, already dripping with her desire. I grabbed her hips and pounded her, my groin slapping against her delicious ass, her hot heat gripping my shaft as I let all the pent up anger and rage come out, slamming into her as hard as I could as she moaned louder. I slapped her ass, the sharp sound ringing through the empty restaurant as her breath came faster, her breasts bouncing beneath her tight, black top, my cock slipping in and out of her. I slapped her again, harder, wanting to hurt her. My hand left a red mark on her flawless ass and she cried out, a deeply masculine growl of pleasure. I gripped her delicious butt cheeks and pulled her back onto my cock as hard as I could. With a mighty groan I came inside her, filled her with my cum as she moaned deeply in pleasure, my hands still grasping her tight ass hard enough to leave a mark as I sank in as deep as I could. And then, finally I was done. I pulled out, a trickle of my seed spilling down her leg. I pulled up my pants as she sat her naked butt down on the chair and brushed her hair back out of her face.

‘Oh my god, that was good,’ she said. I’d thought her voice just got deeper, huskier when she was getting fucked but her voice had a deep, masculine tone I’d never heard before.

Surprised, I rose and scrambled for the light switch. If that wasn’t Sara then who did I just–?

I turned on the restaurant lights and looked at her. From the neck down she was the same Sara I’d seen five nights a week, well, except for the fact that she was still half naked. But her light blonde hair hung messily around a face that was now distinctly masculine. The soft lips and tiny nose were gone. In it’s place was the face of a rather pudgy man with small, mean looking eyes.

‘What-? Who are you?’ I asked in shock.

She” looked up at me. ‘What do you mean? I’m Sara.’

‘Sara doesn’t have a man’s face. Or a man’s voice.’

He sighed. ‘You can see this, huh?’ He pointed to his face.

I nodded.

‘Well, today’s your lucky day, Zak. You just found out you’re a hopper. But I’m not some wise old guru going to take a noob under my wing. I’m not doing that again. There’s no fucking hopper community, it’s just a bunch of selfish dickheads–‘

‘Wait, wait, wait. A hopper? What are you talking about?’

He stood up and pulled Sara’s pants back up over her body and adjusted her hair. ‘Forget it, I’m rambling. Just forget about everything that happened tonight. Sara will.’

He picked up Sara’s purse and a backpack off the floor that hadn’t been there earlier—he must have brought it in with him—and sauntered out the back door, swinging Sara’s ass back and forth seductively. I ran after him, barely remembering to lock the door behind me.

‘You have to tell me.’ I said, catching up to the man in Sara’s body. ‘I’m a what, a hopper? I have this power? How do I do it?’

Sara didn’t even slow down. ‘Forget it, Zak.’

‘How do you know my name?’

‘I know everything she knows. And man she hates you. Did you know you’re being fired tomorrow?’


‘Yeah, apparently you blow the head chef enough he’ll believe anything about anyone.’

‘Wait, stop, stop.’

I grabbed Sara’s shoulder but she shrugged it off and kept walking. After a few blocks of me pestering him with no response we ended up in an upscale neighborhood. Grand brownstones stood side by side. The street was clean of trash and bounded by trees. It practically reeked of money. The hopper kept looking up at each one as we passed, searching for something. He was trying to ignore me but no way was I going to let something this big get away.

‘Go away, you’re harshing my buzz.’ He said, as if reading my thoughts.

‘Tell me more,’ I pleaded, desperate for any sort of clue.

The hopper stopped at the door to a large, well-lit townhouse. He looked around but there was no one to be seen out on the street.

‘Fine, come here.’

He pulled me around the stairs until we were both hidden from view up against the wall of the building.

‘It’s really simple once you get the hang of it. You just find a good mount–‘


‘A person you want to hop. A mount. Don’t make me repeat myself. You find one and just picture yourself flowing inside them.’

‘Flowing, Right. Ok.’

He sighed. ‘Here’s what we’re going to do. I’ve got an appointment inside this building, but you can go in for me. I’m going to dismount Sara and you can hop in. I’ll leave her unconscious to make it easier. Oh, and you might want to look away; your clothes don’t come with you on a mount.’

Despite his warning I couldn’t look away as Sara sat and leaned against the wall. Suddenly a green, mucousy liquid poured from out of Sara’s mouth, nose and ears and soon congealed into the figure of a person—a slightly fat, middle aged man. Actually, a slightly fat, naked, middle aged man who rummaged through the backpack and started getting dressed.

‘She’s all yours.’

I stepped closer to Sara’s unconscious body. Her face was back to normal, her pretty lips and pert nose visible once more. I concentrated, thinking about what the hopper said about imagining myself flowing inside her. Nothing happened for a second. I crept closer, close enough to smell her flowery shampoo and reached out to touch her face. That’s when my body seemed to melt. I found myself pitching forward, only I didn’t have a body anymore. Then I was in her mouth, down her throat and then suddenly I was conscious of every part of her body from the hard concrete under her butt to the hair flowing down her back to the skin tight outfit covering her beautiful body. I was inside her!

I looked down at Sara’s body, now mine to control. I held up my arms and watched in amazement as they responded to my command. I grabbed Sara’s large breasts through the fabric of her shirt, felt their meaty, delightful weight and laughed in awe.

‘This is incredible.’

The hopper pulled on his shirt. ‘Yeah, she’s a nice one. I’ve been staking her out for awhile. Anyway, Zak, get on in there. You’ve got an appointment.’

He hoisted me to my feet. I wobbled gently as I adjusted to my new body and perspective.

‘Just a warning,’ he said, ‘You stay in one body too long you’ll get stuck. And don’t stand in front of mirrors or cameras. They’ll reveal your real face.’

‘I have Sara’s face? I thought you-‘

‘Only hoppers can see the real face without a mirror.’

He helped me up the stairs and rang the doorbell.

‘Wait,’ I turned to the hopper, ‘What am I doing here?’

The hopper smiled. ‘Getting used to your new body.’

Before I could respond a young man answered the door. He had thick, dark hair and piercing grey eyes. He wore a black sweater that clung to his muscular form. I felt Sara’s heart leap in her chest as the man smiled at her, hungrily. The corners of his mouth flicked up in a half smile as he looked my new body up and down.

‘Here she is,’ the hopper said, ‘Your funds will be automatically deducted. Enjoy.’

The hopper hurried down the stairs. I turned after him, wanting to ask more questions, but the man in the doorway grabbed my slender arm in a tight grip.

‘Come on in, sweetheart.’

He pulled me gently but firmly inside and led me down a brightly lit hallway. My hips swayed naturally back and forth. I could still hardly believe I was in Sara’s body, and it was so easy, so natural!

Through the doorways we passed I caught glimpses of darkened rooms filled with expensive, tasteful furniture. The man opened the door at the end of the hallway and we entered a small living room. A couple of couches and an easy chair were placed around the room. And several men were placed around the couches.

Four young, handsome men stared at me as I entered. I was acutely aware of how vulnerable and weak I seemed in Sara’s body, how my breasts were bouncing and the skin-tight outfit clung to my form, making me somehow seem more naked than naked. But at the same time I felt warm, turned on by the attention of all these men. I looked around at them, tossed my blonde hair back over my shoulders and smiled coyly, easily adjusting to Sara’s body. The memories of her movements came naturally, like I’d been in her body all my life.

I liked these men. Really liked these men. I liked their attention, how they gazed eagerly at my body like I was a piece of meat. I was already thinking about their young, hard bodies up against mine. I heard my blood rushing in my ears at the thought of what they wanted to do to me. At what I wanted them to do to Sara’s body. Very clearly I wasn’t here to speak.

Find out what happens next and discover his twisted revenge on Sara and her entire family in the book, for now only on Amazon.


  1. Bela Loira,Muito gostosa,Delicia de peitos, bunda,cu e buceta linda,adoraria de te chupar todinha e socar essa pica de 23 cm até o saco bela,que tesão,estou peladão aqui e fiquei de pintão levantado de desejo,beijos…

  2. Can’t buy from amazon due to country availability i guess? It’ll be lovely if you could get it on somewhere else?

    1. You’re not the first to mention that; Amazon has weird rules. Ayway, it’ll be available on Smashwords in December, I’ll post an announcement on my homepage for you. It’s exclusive to Amazon until then because it’s part of the Kindle Unlimited deal. I haven’t yet figured out if it’s worth doing that with my next story as well.

      Thanks for reading!


  3. Do you have any plans to release your stories on Amazon UK? I don’t think it’s viable to order from the US store for me. Smashwords seems convenient but the Amazon exclusivity means waiting for new releases.

  4. if you could create a long history where a group of hopper bodies were in a family where a child 10 years look like all his family was acting weird parents, brothers and sisters, aunts, cousins primasy, it was a party hoppers, or even leave the family lake or forest. please and if I could take pictures but it is a book purchased at amazon.

  5. If you couldn’t already tell by my name, I really do enjoy Body Hopping stories. Hope to see more lustful stories like this one in the near future.

  6. Well, isn’t that a tease!?… A well-written tease, which is sure to sell its readers more than the story you’ve composed, M!

    Reminds me of some of the exploits from back in my line-cooking days. If only I could have hopped a couple of the respective “Sara’s” I worked with…

    Here’s hopping your book sales give rise to more than your readers,M!


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