Doubly screwed

Asian hotel

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  1. Elle,

    You’re continuation inspired me. lol


    Tim, his new body still humming in post orgasmic bliss moved to the pile of clothes the whore had left. The tiny shorts, the halter top, the fishnet stockings and 4 inch heels looked like enough material to cover a child, not an adult woman.

    Then Tim felt liquid dripping against his leg and pushing his gigantic boobs apart he looked past his shaved snatch to see cum dripping from his well-used pussy onto his leg. Then he caught a hint of his own body odor, the smell of fresh sex mixed with feminine sweat was sweet and too strong.

    “I-I need to take a shower.” When Tim turned to the bathroom he caught sight of the tiny purse the whore had brought with her. Knowing he needed to know who she was he moved to the purse and to his surprise he saw a student Id for the local University. “Your name is, Li Mei.” The sound of his soft, slightly accented voice was startling. “Why would you hook, when you’re a student?” he wondered. Then Tim felt a dull ache in his back, “These tits are huge, I bet she’s got a bad back.”

    With nothing else to do he went to the shower. The feeling of hot water massaging his soft sensuous skin was a totally new experience. Tim tried using a wash cloth and some body wash to clean his new body but everything was so sensitive. It was like he was wearing a head to toe erogenous zone. The feeling of the pulsating water on his soft succulent nipples sent jolts of pleasure directly to his crotch.

    Tim reached between his legs to spread the folds of his pussy lips and stroke his clit. The empty achey feeling was already intense but the new feeling was a hundred times worse. Then slowly Tim turned around and bent over so that his enormous breast swung freely under him while the shower now had direct access to his pie. “Ohhhh.” He moaned.

    Tim was so caught up in his world of carnal bliss he didn’t hear the door to the hotel open. He was just about to reach his first orgasm when Li Mei moved into the steam filled bathroom. Tim’s first clue that he had company came when Li Mei pushed the shower curtain back and stepped, naked, into the shower.

    “Mind if I join you?”

    “Eeeekkkk!” Tim squeaked.

    He tried to stand up and turn around but a strong male hand on his back forced him to bend over lower. His pussy exposed for his former body’s pleasure left Tim feeling weak, confused, and filled with need.

    “I’ll take that as, yes.” Li Mei growled pushing the helmet of her cock against Tim’s exposed vag. Using his dick he rubbed up and down Tim’s slit moistening his shaft with her juices. “I know just how you like it.” Lie Mei whispered, her masculine voice with its southern accent sent a shiver through Tim. Then Li Mei buried her rod into Tim’s moist hole.

    “Ohhhh!” Tim gasped as his feminine passage was stretched and filled. His fingers had felt amazing and the pulsing water from the shower had been fantastic, but this was pure heaven. Using both hands to brace, one on the floor of the shower the other on the wall Tim felt Lie Mei push deeper and deeper until her balls were brushing against Tim’s mound.

    “You like that, don’t you!” This time Li Mei was louder and suddenly Tim felt a sharp sting as Li Mei slapped his soft ass. “Answer me.”

    “Y-Yes, I-I love it. . . don’t stop!”

    At this Li Mei started thrusting. Using her powerful masculine body, and the abs Tim had spent hundreds of hours sculpting, she jack-hammered into Tim’s soft body. Within seconds time felt his first orgasm and he couldn’t help crying out. The only seemed to spur Li Mei on and she lifted Tim up in her strong arms spinning Tim around and then impaling Tim on her iron hard shaft.

    A feminine instinct caused Tim to wrap her legs around Li Mei’s hips and her arms around his neck as Li Mei devoured Tim’s gigantic breasts with his hungry mouth. The feeling of her clit being smashed by the base of Li Mei’s cock even as she was stretched and filled from a whole new angle drove Tim to the edge of another cliff. Then Li Mei sucked hard on Tim’s fat pink nipple. Tim grabbed Li Mei’s cock with her ring of inner muscles trying to milk his man-meat and then she felt an explosion as Li Mei filled her womb with his hot seed.

    The feeling of inner heat drove Tim over the edge again and he screamed in pleasure.

    “It’s done!” Li Mei said. “The spell is complete. This body and life are now mine!”

    “W-What?” Tim asked confused and dazed. Filled with post coitual bliss.
    Still holding Tim and impaling her with his shaft, Li Mei grinned Tim’s roguish smile.

    “We had to have sex to cause the spell I cast to swap our bodies. Then we had to have sex again to seal us into our new lives.”

    “B-But why would you do this? I saw your ID, you’re not really a whore.”

    “No, but I’m supposed to graduate next month. My student VISA expires and I’d have to go back to China. I can’t go back.”

    “Then I-I have to go? I don’t even speak Chinese!”

    “You do now. But if you don’t want to go back I have a solution.”


    “Marry me.”


    This got a little long.


  2. “… His first, self-induced female orgasm, caused his shuddering body to fall forward with the heavy breasts he now possesses trapping one arm beneath the supple, sensitive weight of his small form and setting his pretty face against the sheets to inhale the scent of their sex-session!
    A situation which only served to make Tim use more fingers of the hand attending the needs of his hungry crotch to tease his sopping labia, engorged clit and mysterious entrance in all the ways he used to from the other side of its sensory inputs while discovering the secrets of female auto-erotic-stimulation!

    His second orgasm, brought-on by humping his delicate digits – two of which held his succulent flaps open while his manicured middle finger slid over his clit, into his honey-hole and back – while Tim leaned on his other elbow and knees with his fat, fleshy tits swinging & bouncing between his body and the bed, had Tim wishing this whore had a dildo hidden somewhere among her effects!

    The third climax Tim reached in his new flesh was greeted by his arching back and high-pitched screams, with his massive melons lolling to the sides of his torso as his dark eyes fluttered up at the ceiling after having managed to pull each of his ardent teats to his mouth for some self-sucking sensations like he could never have imagined as a man while he slid a pair of fingers along each side of his throbbing-little clit and in-&-out of his clenching cunt!

    “Oh, HELL! I guess I’ll have to get back to work if I even want to come close to taking care of what this pussy needs,” he noted aloud after catching his breath and slowing his racing heart to a manageable pace. “I may still want my cock back, but right now, any one should it do for me!” …”

    I really do hope that Tim enjoys the hot ride you’ve taken hi- uh, HER on, M!!!

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