I plucked at my lip, watching Megan’s reflection in the mirror mimic me. Her blue eyes were wide in wonder as I gazed deep into my new eyes, admiring the delicate slip of nose, the gentle jaw, the full pink lips and startling white teeth. Not to mention the body that stretched out below me, the gentle curve of the hips swelling out to beautiful buttocks and then down long, lean legs.
I felt guilty about being in her body, as if I needed her permission to ogle her even though this was my body now thanks to the FOSE. I could only imagine the look on her face as she appeared in my body, my cock hard in her hand, already pulsing warm cum down my fingers as a picture of her smiled down from my laptop.
We’d been friends forever and I’d been captivated by her. Unfortunately, the time I let my desires take over was the time the FOSE happened. Now I was inside looking out, and I loved it just as much as I had when I was outside looking in. Maybe even more, because I could watch as I made her hands stroke herself, drag down her breasts, over her trim tummy, around the curve of my ass as I arched my back for myself, then dipping down to the emptiness between my thighs.
Megan’s body was a dream. Taut and powerful and beautiful. I touched myself as I watched her reflection do the same, playing out all my fantasies in Megan’s body as my desire rose and I felt the delicate lips of her pussy grow moist for me. I came, crying out Megan’s name in her voice as my body trembled and sweet relief washed through me.

In the finale, Greg and Becky team up to try save Avery and the whole school from Seth’s power. Taken Over is available only on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords. Preview here.

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