Give It Up (MtF Body Swap)

Dan offered to help out the beautiful college girl next door, unaware that she would take him up on that offer by swapping their bodies.

Something strange is going in with Dan’s neighbor, Ruby. Ever since she met her new boyfriend, Isaiah, she’s slowly been growing more conservative, dressing modestly and neglecting her studies. When Dan investigates and offers to help Ruby takes him up on that offer by swapping their bodies.

Now Dan, a formerly middle aged man, is stuck in the body of a gorgeous college woman until he can finish her studies for her. But there’s more than just body swapping magic going on. Dan is finding himself physically and emotionally changing, his body morphing to please his husband, while his mind yearns to the do the same.

Can he fight the urges long enough to finish Ruby’s thesis and get back to his body? Or will his growing desire to please his new husband lead to a permanent change?

Give It Up, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

Dan was just pulling the chicken and mushroom pie out of the oven when Isaiah came home. Dan set the tray on the oven to cool and, before he could do anything else, Isaiah wrapped him up from behind, his oak tree arms holding Dan tight as he pulled Dan’s soft body back against his hard one. Isaiah kissed him on the cheek and nuzzled Dan’s hair. Dan froze, shocked and slightly aroused at the heavy hands gripping his tits.

“Hey, baby,” Isaiah whispered in Dan’s ear.

His hot breath on Dan’s cheek sent a little thrill through Ruby’s body. One massive paw still on Dan’s chest, the other hand slid down his waist and cupped Dan’s ass.

“Why don’t we let dinner cool down a little bit so I can heat you up?”

Dan trembled, unsure. He didn’t want to do anything with Isaiah but Ruby could be watching him. Would she think he wasn’t acting like her if he refused Isaiah’s advances? And if she had the power to swap their bodies, what other powers could she have? And, at the back of his mind…did he really not want to do anything with Isaiah?

In the end, Dan’s decision was made for him. Isaiah evidently took his silence for assent because he scooped up Dan in both arms. Dan squealed, clinging to Isaiah’s neck, feeling helpless and tiny as the huge man carried him upstairs before laying him gently on the bed. Isaiah leaned over him, holding his vast bulk up over Dan on two solid arms as they kissed. Isaiah’s breath was hot on Dan’s lips, the kisses light at first, growing heavier as he grew aroused. He leaned on one arm so that the other could reach up and squeeze one of Dan’s tits, slowly but firmly. They were so big now that Isaiah couldn’t get his hand over the whole thing. And, God, they were sensitive to Isaiah’s touch. Isaiah squeezed until Dan’s body was just verging on the edge of pain and as he opened his mouth to moan Isaiah’s tongue snaked inside.

Dan felt small and helpless as Isaiah’s tongue explored his mouth while his hand explored Dan’s tits. Despite his trepidation, Dan felt his traitorous body responding to Isaiah’s touch. A warmth spread up from between his legs and he relaxed into it, sucking on Isaiah’s tongue almost subconsciously as the little waves of pain joined with the ember of pleasure.

Isaiah pulled away suddenly and stood.

“Get naked,” he ordered, crossing to the closet and rummaging through one of the dresser drawers.

Dan didn’t feel he had a choice. He stripped the dress off over his head, sweeping his long, coffee brown hair out of his eyes before unclasping his bra. The sweet relief of his breasts being freed to bounce down his stomach was short lived as Isaiah turned around, handcuffs, ropes, a ball gag and what looked like tiny clamps in his hand. His eyes lingered on Dan’s tremendous breasts and Dan looked down, hands clasped together, avoiding Isaiah’s eyes, feeling somehow even more naked beneath his gaze. What the fuck was Isaiah planning?

Isaiah tossed his items onto the bed and returned to Dan, slipping one hand across his lower back and pressing his hard body against Dan’s soft one once more. He kissed the tip of Dan’s nose, then his lips, as his other hand slipped through Dan’s long hair and pressed their faces together. Dan felt fingers on his tits again, gripping lightly. Isaiah lifted a breast and lowered his mouth to kiss it, lips and tongue exploring Dan’s sensitive breast. Dan’s breath hitched in his throat as Isaiah gently bit one nipple. Fuck, that felt nice.

Isaiah moved back and forth between Dan’s breasts and Dan watched him, watched his own tremendous breasts jiggle back and forth, the nipples spiking out to sharp points. It was incredibly arousing watching this strong black man stroke and kiss Ruby’s huge breasts, even more so knowing the breasts were his, feeling the physical pleasure pouring through his body.

Isaiah gently lay Dan down on the bed and peeled off his panties. Then he walked around to the headboard. Dan watched him, his entire body exposed and vulnerable and, despite himself, growing moist. He could feel the little lips of his pussy sliding together as he wiggled his ass. A strange anticipation was growing in his body, a desperation for more.

Isaiah grabbed a set of handcuffs and took one of Dan’s hands.

“No,” Dan whimpered.

“Yes,” Isaiah responded, apparently thinking Dan’s hesitance was part of their role play.

He cuffed one of Dan’s hands to the post of the headboard, then did the same to the other one before moving down to Dan’s feet. With the length of silky rope he quickly and expertly tied Dan’s legs to the foot board. He was so strong that he easily overcame Dan’s meek resistance. Now Dan was naked, spread eagle on the bed. His body was stretched out beneath him, huge breasts pooling beneath his arms, the nipples still aflame with desire. He could see his pussy now, the lips slightly unfurled.

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