Back to Future Part II

Back to the Future Part I

From the comments: Problem was that since it was only roughly the same time, and not the actual same time, his Mom’s egg was fertilized differently. He’s going to return to a timeline and body that is very different than when he left.

Shane is Will’s best friend. Shane’s wife, Alicia, is Will’s worst enemy, an entitled brat who doesn’t realize how lucky she has it. After chancing upon a magical being who grants Will a body swapping spell, he takes over Alicia’s life, vowing to be a better wife and lover — and just all around person — than Alicia ever was in Let Me Stay, available on Smashwords and Amazon.


  1. I love it! Thank you!

    Now if she can only convince Roger to let her into his lab, and to let participate in the experiment so she can try to undo the change. But first she will enjoy this new experience with this stud, then she will decide if she wants to find Roger.

  2. Now (s)he’s got to convince Roger somehow, who obviously will buy in after some thorough “negotiation”.

    Then when she finally goes back she ends up repeating the situation as her own father.

    Coming back to the future finally as an MTF trans version of himself

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