“Oh my god, I can’t believe I sucked my own dick!” You giggle, one slender hand coming up to cover your mouth as you laugh even as a drop of warm cum slides down your chin. You cross your legs, feeling the absence between your thighs and the way your girlfriend’s body jiggles and moves so oddly with each motion.
Your girlfriend – in your body – absently strokes her cock and grins at you. “Merry Christmas. How do you like your present?”
“I love it,” you reply, looking down at the breasts hanging from your chest and letting your hands play across your soft skin.
“You’ve got my body for the entire day to do whatever you want.”
Your girlfriend has known about your desire to swap into her body for a long time but only recently found a magic spell that would allow you to do just that. She gifted it to you for Christmas and you just spent the last twenty minutes warming yourself up and then sucking your own cock as a present for her. It wasn’t that awkward because it still felt like your body, even though someone else was piloting it.
Now, though, your girlfriend is finished but you’re just getting warmed up.
“Go ahead, touch yourself,” your girlfriend insists. “I’ll get you started.”
She gets on her knees and gently spreads her legs before dipping your own face between your new legs and revving up your body with a series of gentle licks, until the heat explodes within you and you enjoy the first orgasm of the day.

Peyton is fired and goes into the office to retrieve his belongings, where he’s bent over his desk by his jerk of a boss in Payback (Chapter 3) available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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