Can’t help it

David’s brother, Alan, knelt on the floor and crawled beneath the Christmas tree to pick out his present. He arched his back and spread his legs, which made his delicate white panties slide against his girlfriend’s pussy. David couldn’t help but stare, leaning forward slightly to ogle his brother’s new ass.
David’s sister, Donna, caught David staring and shoved him gently. “Stop it,” she mouthed.
David grinned and shrugged, before mouthing, “I can’t help it.”
Donna rolled her eyes and returned to decorating the tree as David returned to checking out his body swapped brother’s incredible ass. Alan was taking an inordinately long time finding his present, and kept wiggling his cute little butt in the air and making soft cooing noises.
Alan had been swapped into his petite blonde girlfriend’s body thanks to the Stranger. What’s more, he was compelled to dress and act like a slut, hence the outfit and the ass wiggling for his brother. Alan knew exactly what effect his body was having on his brother but he couldn’t stop himself from wiggling sexily. He was already wet from his brother’s staring and could practically smell his own excited pussy.
Alan knew what his present to his brother would be. And to his dad. And to his sister. Alan would be compelled to fuck the lot of them, riding their cocks and moaning until they made him their cum dumpster. Except for Donna. He’d eat her out like a champ. She wasn’t normally attracted to women but she wouldn’t be able to resist the Stranger’s power. Alan would be forced to shove his girlfriend’s face between his own sister’s legs and lick her until she came, howling and moaning around Alan’s pretty face.

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