Getting past

Al was shopping at the mall when the Great Shift hit. He'd been walking through, stuck behind a gaggle of high school girls who were walking so slowly and taking up the the entire walkway so he couldn't get past. 
"Excuse me," he said, starting to edge past the last of the group -- a slender blonde with jorts much too short. She turned to look back at him and then the world flipped.
Suddenly he was looking back at a man who looked like himself. It took a moment for his brain to register that it was himself. He started a little and gasped, and that's when he registered everything else about his new body: the long blonde hair, the too sweet smell of fruity perfume, the air caressing way too much of his bare skin.
Al and the girl weren't the only ones freaking out. Many other people in the mall had been swapped. Hours after the initial confusion, and not knowing what else to do, they traded contact info and Al returned home.
He was tired when he finally got back to his bachelor pad, and sat down on the couch. But despite his exhaustion he was also intensely curious.
Al looked down at his small breasts. The blonde hair tickled his neck and he could feel the emptiness between his legs whenever he shifted. He touched his tits tentatively, discovering that despite his new female appearance he was still attracted to women. And to himself now.
He squeezed his new breasts, fingers exploring his soft skin before slipping the strap off each shoulder and dropping his top to stare down at his amazing new tits. Just the sight of them made him warm and wet in a new way, and it wasn't long before his hand was up his skirt exploring all the other physical changes and really getting to know his new body.

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