Ew, my sister?!

Can you do a cap where the great shift Lands me on my sister body and think that it’s gross?

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  1. I think he needs to get used to being his own Sister.
    The Great Shift is for life .

    The closest person that I have to a Sister are these people:Brother’s Daughter , one of 1/2 Brother’s Daughters , one of my Cousins on my Dad’s side , one of my Cousins on my Mom’s side, and my Brother’s Wife.
    I will not want to switch with any of them .
    The Great Shift picks for you . After Breakfast, and before Midnight are 2 times of day that I will not want the Great Shift to happen. If it did happen 11:00 New York ,or 23:00 China ,or 16:00 Detroit , or 04:00 Japan will be the best time of day for me. The best day are Monday to Friday, or Christmas, or New Years day.
    The best Seasons are Winter, or Summer.

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