Dancer’s Body (Preview)

My latest story is the second in the universe. Dancer’s Body is now available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview below.

Ethan is clumsy and graceless but dreams of being athletic and limber. He’s been saving up for a chance to become his perfect woman using, a website that lets users possess almost anyone’s body for a price. When Ethan finds a sale on three sisters who are all dancers, it’s a dream come true.

He jumps into their bodies and controls them each in turn, enjoying their graceful limbs and shapely forms. And while inside, he also discovers their secrets. One is secretly in love with her sister’s husband. Another is attracted to her own father.

And Ethan’s going to give them everything they want.

This erotic short contains explicit scenes of male to female body possession, solo play, incest and cheating husbands.

As rehearsal ended he could feel his pussy sliding against his panties, soaked and screaming for attention, his whole body demanding release. Defiant, self-controlled grin in place, he grabbed his coat and headed across the road to pick up some food. Kimmy’s body, he realized, liked a little discipline and denial both in and out of rehearsal.

He walked through the door of Kimmy’s usual little french cafe across the street from the theater maintaining a face of pure innocence, a face that gave no indication that his pussy was dripping wet and begging for it. The innocent facade, it turned out, was essential because he was barely through the door before three different people leapt up to talk to him: A staff member rushing to get Kimmy’s usual, a random customer asking for an autograph, a regular asking about rehearsal.

Ethan watched as the other customers in the cafe looked up and surveyed him, clearly intrigued by the minor stir his entrance caused and detecting the aura of local celebrity. The mutter was low and subtle – she’s on broadway. Carefully not taking undue notice of the whispers, Ethan took his food from a staff member with a thoroughly obsequious smile and sat down at a table.

Hidden from view under the table, he allowed himself one slow stroke of his pussy, one squirming touch to his clit through his leggings. His arousal leapt back to the fore – overeager and angry now. Then he eyed the clock—12:48pm—and made himself eat. For 12 minutes. Feeling his pussy pulse with every tick of the clock.

By the time Ethan got back to the dressing room, most of the dancers had cleared out. A few lingered girls packing up their gear and pulling on coats but Ethan ignore them and, grabbing his bag, headed straight for the showers. Kimmy’s perfect little ass—No, Ethan’s perfect ass, now—wiggled with each step. He knew exactly where he was heading – the small shower room at the far end of the dressing room. The older one with just two stalls. The one that few of girls used unless it was really busy. The one with a full length mirror covering an entire wall. The one that had a lockable door.

He slipped inside and locked the door before turning to face Kimmy’s reflection in the mirror. A smile lit up his gorgeous face as he stared at the beautiful, athletic woman before him. The tight, spangly leotard clung tight to her body and emphasized her curves, gripping her body in a comforting hug. He stepped closer to the mirror and stared into her dark eyes until he could see the flecks of gold inside the green. Lifting a slender hand, he let her fingers trail across the smooth skin of her cheeks, over her shapely nose, tracing the soft contours of her chin, enjoying the simple pleasure of her own touch. His hand drifted down her neck, over her tight, spangly leotard, and down to her tights, snug between her legs. He watched as he made her touch herself, her gentle warmth growing to a fierce fire as her fingers dug into the fabric that stretched so tight across her skin.

As one hand danced and tickled around her pussy, Ethan brought the other up to her tits, fondling Kimmy for the first time. The pleasant weight of his breasts spilled from his fingers. As he caressed himself, his nipples grew hard, spiking out against the sheer fabric of the leotard. A damp spot bloomed at the front of his tights, his own wetness beginning to seep out as he pleasured Kimmy’s body. He gripped the waistband of the tights just above his pussy and pulled up hard, the fabric clinging to his body and revealing the thick, ripe lips of Kimmy’s pussy. God, it was so wonderful having a pussy, growing wet with arousal, a full body warmth he’d never felt before. He yanked up harder, the seam pressing against his clit and drawing a sigh from his lips. The pressure against his clit was amazing and he jerked the fabric up and down, using it to pleasure himself.

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