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Request: Hello, big fan of your mother/son and friend’s mom captions. Was wondering if I could have a 2 part caption involving either subject. Here is how it goes if you decide mother/son: I (Tyler) am homesick while at college but cant visit my family because I’m studying for a test. while online I come across an ad saying that it make wishes come true, I click on it and type: I wish I could go home and visit my parents. I blink and then I open my eyes to my dad fucking my mom’s (mine) pussy and for part 2 of that I want it so that because I swapped bodies with my mom mid sex, I’m stuck in her body and start to like it.

Theo works for Host Corp, a body swapping company that lets the rich enjoy being someone else for a little while. When Theo agrees to help open the London office, he does so without knowing the company has arranged to put him into the body of a gorgeous young woman for the duration of his contract. After some adjustment, Theo begins to plan on how he can stay inside her permanently in How to Host a Merger, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


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  2. I’m sure his mom will grow to love being a young man with a wild sexual appetite too. She’ll be banging a girl in no time.

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