How to Host a Merger (Preview)

Theo works for Host Corp, a body swapping company that lets the rich enjoy being someone else for a little while. When Theo agrees to help open the London office, he does so without knowing the company has arranged to put him into the body of a gorgeous young woman for the duration of his contract. After some adjustment, Theo begins to plan on how he can stay inside her permanently in How to Host a Merger, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

Of all the bizarre things about his day, the timezone shouldn’t have been the one that broke him. But it was. He’d left L.A. at 9:14 am and arrived (instantaneously) in London at 5:14pm. He’d left one office that was getting started for the day and entered one that was winding down. And, as an employee of the L.A. office, he still technically had a full day to work.

The time change was not, in the grand scheme of things, particularly complicated, but he still felt ridiculously adrift when Emilia yanked out her headphones and announced she was leaving for the day.

She gave him a cursory briefing: “R&D and programmers are done for the day. There’s a night crew of techs upstairs in switch suites. Head up at 6pm L.A. time for your switch back.” She closed the door behind her without waiting for an answer.

Jesus, why was she so pissed off with him? Were all English people like this? At least he now had the office to himself.

By about midnight he’d altered the code so that plants could access host attributes and memories. It wasn’t too hard. The principles were the same, but the London code was slightly different. He opened up Theodora’s settings and set her code so he could access her knowledge on the next switch. He saved it and closed the program, then sat back and yawned, stretching his slender limbs in the air. He dropped them into his lap then tugged at his top, which was starting to itch. That brought his attention back down to his chest.

He’d managed not to think about his breasts all day as he was immersed in code. But now, with the work done and the office empty, the temptation was overwhelming. Theo knew he had a nice body beneath these clothes. And the owner wouldn’t know what he’d gotten into. It would be a little bonus for Kurt’s lack of information.

Theo got up and peeked out into the hallway. The night lights glowed softly but all the offices seemed dark. He closed and locked the door, then reached back to untie his top, pausing with his fingers on the lace, debating whether it was a good idea. He pulled the string, lifted the top off over his head and dropped it to the floor before he could hesitate any further.

Pushing the blonde hair back out of his eyes he looked down at himself. A plain, white bra covered his new breasts. Still, even the curves that he could see were breathtaking. Slight but tight. His waist tapered down, his body flaring out at his hips and creating an ass to die for. Reaching around with trembling fingers he unclasped his bra and slid it off his shoulders. It dropped to the floor and his breasts bounced free, bringing with it a sweet relief.

Theo gaped down at his breasts. His breasts! The skin was smooth and creamy, a tiny mole dotting the top of one. He had small strawberry-pink areolae, a dimple of a nipple in the middle of each. They were absolutely breathtaking, probably the best tits Theo had ever seen. And he could play with them to his heart’s desire.

Theo took a breast in each hands and caressed them, running his fingers across the warm, supple skin. His fingers danced over and under his tits, just feeling them from every angle as he hefted them, pushing them together, pulling them apart, squashing them up against his chest, just enjoying having tits. Fuck, they were fun to play with. And seeing this gorgeous young woman squeezing her tits was making him hot and slippery.

Theo sat down in the desk chair, one hand still fondling his breasts, as the other traveled up beneath his skirt. His fingers followed his warm thigh, pulling the skirt up higher until he touched the sheer fabric of his panties. He could feel the heat of his entrance on his fingertips as he traced a line up and down his slit. His fingers stroked faster, pushing into himself and growing damp from his moisture.

He bit his lip and wiggled his ass as a pleasant tension gripped him. His fingers continued stroking his tits, squeezing softly and pinching his nipple, while his other hand pulled the panties aside and stroked his bare pussy. He was completely shaved, not a trace of hair to be felt as he played himself, his nether lips opening for his finger. And then, god, he was inside himself for the first time, fingers dipping into his warmth. He gasped—feminine and lusty—as he slid in deeper, exploring his new wet heat. His clit ached to be touched, and when his fingers landed on it he was rewarded with a brief release of tension, a small sort of pre-orgasm flooding through him.

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  1. I love this setting and the characters.

    A sequel would be really nice.

    How his new girlfriend would react.

    Maybe a snippet of their wedding.

    The intern that figured out what happened and tries to get a nice body/money out of it.

    Kurt beeing as amoral and taking emilias Body for a spin not realizing what kind of revenge theo will enact.

    And so on, definitly a great setting for future stories and sequels.

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