Even better than he’d imagined

Request: Hi could you do a caption on someone called Sunny waking up his math teacher Mrs Turner thanks

Theo works for Host Corp, a body swapping company that lets the rich enjoy being someone else for a little while. When Theo agrees to help open the London office, he does so without knowing the company has arranged to put him into the body of a gorgeous young woman for the duration of his contract. After some adjustment, Theo begins to plan on how he can stay inside her permanently in How to Host a Merger, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. jay awoke the very next morning and fiound that at long last his secret desiers had at long last been granted he was now a woman oh oh oh my god jay just almost immeiatly began exploring her new female body she played wuith her new breast and than she just had to reach down and begin playing with hew new pussy oh oh oh my god she got wet very quickly oh oh oh so this is what it’s really like having a pussy it’s even way better than i even ever really imagined oh my god i love being a woman now i’m i’m going to stay this way the rest of my life!

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