Each impossible inch

Noah stroked his clit and moaned as the tiny blonde that he'd swapped bodies with gripped his hips and lowered Noah down onto his former massive shaft.
"Oh, shit," he gasped, wriggling his hips. But he couldn't escape the grip of those broad black fingers and gravity carried him down.
The huge black shaft slid inside him ever so slowly. Noah was so full he thought he might split, the cockhead pressing apart the walls of his pussy. His only saving grace was that he was so wet he was drenching the monster cock, easing the penetration. And still it entered him, each impossible inch accommodated by his body until their groins rested together and Noah was utterly full of his own dick.
Noah took shallow breaths, fearing that somehow the slightest motion would rupture his lungs. Surely it wasn't that deep but it felt that deep.
The Great Shift had swapped him into the body of the tiny blonde next door. Curiosity and her new body's sex drive had taken hold, and soon the two had snuck away to explore themselves.
Now Noah found himself with his new body stuffed with his own cock, excited and full. The blonde pulled out slightly and then thrust in again quickly, driving a cry from Noah's new lips. She began moving in a quick rhythm, thrusting into him, making his tits jiggle and filling him with a desperate desire. The feeling of fullness was beautiful. Perfect. He came, shuddering in orgasm around his own dick.

A freak accident swaps a young man into the body of his best friend’s girlfriend where he discovers his masochistic side in Better Than Ever, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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