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Cody had gotten off on sending dick pics to strange women before the Great Shift. Why should he stop even though he was now a woman?
He lay back and spread his legs to snap another pussy pic to send online. It was hard to tell what kind of reaction he would get these days. Sometimes the women turned out to be former men who didn't mind the pic and, in fact, would return the favor, sending him their own pussy pics.
Even now that Cody was a woman and got his share of dick pics from strange men it didn't stop him. The revulsion he felt at seeing a stranger's cock on his phone was fleeting.
When he wasn't sending pussy pics to strangers, Cody posted pictures of his new body on the internet asking strangers to judge him. He got off on being told how hot he was and reading what people wanted to do to him.
At first the woman whose body it used to be would contact him and ask him to stop. But the law was clear that it was now his body and he could do what he wanted.
He was taking another picture of himself when his phone dinged with a message. He lay back on the bed and tapped the icon. It was another dick pic. He was about to close it when he paused and looked closer. It was his dick pic. That wasn't cool!
The woman in his body was trying to beat him at his own game. Cody wasn't one for learning lessons or introspection, instead he snapped another close up of his pussy and sent it back to her. Let the picture wars begin.

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