Eric had finally mastered his new-found possession powers and taken control of Rachel’s body, the woman in the apartment across the street. She’d resisted at first as Eric made his new body remove her work clothes, leaving only the heels, so he could admire the plump curves. Eric thought it was a shame that she hid such an amazing body under such terrible clothes and decided to do something about it. He opened the curtains wide as he caressed his new softness. He wasn’t used to such long fingernails and was careful not to scratch himself as he slid his soft hands around his giant breasts.

He heard a noise at the door and, searching Rachel’s mind, knew it was probably her roommate, Steve, whom she had a crush on but had never done anything with. A smile crossed Eric’s face. Tonight, in her body, he’d give her a hand with that.

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  1. I really love it to become a lovely, curvy, slightly chubby, fertile woman myself irreversably, especially an Asian one (Indonesian, Filippine, Chinese, Japanese.). – Tom –

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