Woman interrupted

Request: May I request another possession story involving another curvy slightly chubby women like the last one?


As soon as Bill saw Marisa’s husband leave for work he lay on his bed and cast the possession spell. Instantly he found himself in Marisa’s body. She had been putting her shirt on but Bill stopped her and felt her try to resist as he took the shirt off. He stood with his enormous breasts now bare and looked at the dowdy, shapeless top she had been putting on.

Bill shook Marisa’s head and said in her lovely Russian-accented voice, “Oh, no, darlink. You should not hide your body in this. Let’s see…”

He dropped the top and made Marisa’s body stride towards her closet, holding his breasts close so they wouldn’t sway too much. He absentmindedly made Marisa’s hands play with her breasts, stroking her nipples as he searched for something sexy to wear. He felt Marisa’s resistance weakening at the same time as he felt his new body getting aroused.

“Oh, you like that, da? No vunder.”

Soon, Bill found hidden in a drawer some lace garters and in the very back some black boots to go with them. He sat on the floor in front of the mirror and dressed his new body, feeling his long hair fall over his shoulder, watching as his breasts swayed with every tug on the boots, admiring the sexy curves that were now his to play with. By the time the boots were on he could feel Marisa’s body radiating arousal. He played with his breasts some more, squeezing and licking them, before sending a hand down to caress his, by now, wet pussy.

He was so busy enjoying the experience of both seeing and feeling Marisa’s body pleasuring herself he didn’t hear the door open until-

“Hey, honey, I-, Oh.” Marisa’s husband, Troy, stood in the doorway and Bill gaped up at him.

“I forgot some files,” Troy continued as he grinned down at his naked wife. “But I guess I can be a little bit more late.” With alarm, Bill watched Troy kneel down, unbuckling his belt as he placed his lips on Marisa’s tits and began to suck. And with even more alarm, Bill realized his new body was really going to enjoy it.


Picture from: http://wowtheseboobs.tumblr.com

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    1. It was a link to a tumblr that’s been removed. I don’t even remember what it was. That’s why I don’t link pics anymore. I guess this one is a DIY.

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